I cannot express, there are no words for what you have done for me. I never expected you to even write me back, but in your loving heart you had the insight you knew I needed. I’m glad you met my brother, and that he did in fact cross over. I am forever in your debt. Now my answers are finally here because of you. Thank you thank you thank you, with all that I have inside me I thank you, for doing what you didn’t have to do and healing a broken heart.

Hi Vicki!!!

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading!! You were so worth the wait!! Today just validated everything I felt about you as a person and a messenger!! The four of us thoroughly enjoyed you, you are certainly gifted and terrific!!! Thank you again!!

In light,

Dear Vicki,

I’ve watched a few shows from ID with you and my dream before I die is to be able to meet either you or Theresa Caputo. I wish to God I had money to afford to see one of you. Between my best friends murder when I was 15 and my grandmothers death its killing me for answers and hopefully before I’m taken to the Lord above I would love to meet one of you two… Your gift is amazing! There is times I feel like I have some sort of gift inside me but I do not know how to let it lose and flourish. God bless you. 🙂

Dear Vicki,

Best greetings from Sydney, Australia 🙂

On what was a normal late evening one hour drive into work I set up the iPhone and tuned in to the Jim Harold Paranormal podcast not knowing which area he would be covering. As you can imagine being focused on the road i found myself very soon enthralled simply listening to the interview and once it was clear what you do here on This Earth I felt a want to contact you and to Thank You Sincerely for being as you are a Messenger of light in a world still kept in so much darkness.. The difference is as you know the venturing into a darkness of the prison system and I can only say how brave and wonderful it is where it can allow healing to Prevail ..

I of course now really want to see the Series just made ‘Cell Block Psychic’ but will have to wait until Australian TV Shows it.. I have already watched trailors via google search and look forward to watching it in full.. I realize you must be a busy Lady so for now would just like to Thank You for what you do.. I myself work as a guard in an immigration detention centre here which is of course not as anything as dark as max security prisons but we have sometimes tormented souls whom end up incarcerated pending deportation or refugee claimants whom in some cases are suspected of sinister pasts in the middle east and elsewhere…

It was Lovely to meet you indirectly via the podcast interview and to discover your presence on this earth. We all are blessed on this planet to have you with us..

God Bless You and Again and again and again…

John 🙂

WOW!! If you were in front of me I would give you a huge hug!!! You lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. The work I love, but not employed is coaching, I love teaching & helping. Your wording on things was amazing, it was like reliving it!!! There is no ? I will get a phone reading with, you are awesome!! You remind of one of my favorite TV shows the Ghost Whisperer, you even look similar!!! You will have to let me know when I should book another reading with you!! I have just 2 more ?’s for you, will my sister recover from her stroke she had & is Scott’s current girlfriend the one for him. I know we are not supposed to know everything, we all have life lessons
to learn. I just finished 2 books by James Von Prough, amazing!! Your gifts are truly god sent, I can’t thank you enough, but promise I will book a phone reading!!!

You rock Vicki!!!!

Brightest blessings to you!!!