March Newsletter

Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit EventHello everyone! May we all have a big sigh of welcome to March and all that she brings fourth. For many of you across this wonderful planet Spring has sprung and you are already in your gardens, planting and enjoying the wonders of Mother Earth.

Here in New England, March is still a gentle reminder that Winter can still rear its head and bring us snow, sometimes in very large quantities. This Winter was relatively mild for New England standards, all of our snow coming in February – 4 feet to be exact. As of today, it is close to completely gone. I am not complaining.

The Robins have already begun their migration here, as well as the Red Winged Black Birds. Our native Chickadee has left its Winter song for it’s more light-hearted Spring tune.

As you can see, I love birds and watch them daily. I have birds, hens to be exact. In April I will bring in some eggs to hatch and watch them grow with delight to me, and even more so, to my grand children. Spring on the farm brings many changes, and I love them all. But I have to say birds bring a special feeling to my heart. All birds, like people, have a special sense about them; their song as unique as their colors. I cherish the sound of the Canadian Goose, its loud honking arriving on the horizon before their perfect V formation becomes visible. That sound is so welcoming as they are returning for their Summer nesting. Who doesn’t love to wake with warm breezes and song birds giving a gentle nudge to us after a long Winter. It is a magical time of year.

I have often been asked about birds and their spiritual meaning. And some people are surprised to know that the most spiritual of birds is not a white dove. The most spiritual of birds is vibrant and colored red, and here in New England when the white of the snow blankets everything in its path, the “Cardinal” stands out. It’s as if the colors of this beautiful bird are lights in the tunnel, making certain that they can be seen. Cardinals mate for life, and if you feed them, they will never leave, raising families in your trees and neighborhoods.

But the most magical thing for me, is when I am doing a session with someone, and their loved one in Spirit asks them, “Have you seen my gift?” I wait for the answer, and when they say yes, that the Cardinal was never there before their loved one left, and now it’s there every day, as if their loved one were looking in the window and singing to them. For many grieving hearts it’s the first sign of a visitation. If you haven’t seen one yet, put out some bird seed and watch the trees for them. They are more than likely there already. But it never hurts to give them an offering. Cardinals show up to give us a sign that Heaven is visiting. So watch for them…. Heaven visits every day, and if we pay attention, it brings a little joy when we need it most. Learn more about Cardinal Signs and Symbols.

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