Happy Holidays!

Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit Event“Magick has never disappeared from the earth. The people of the Earth just forgot what magick is. The entire Earth holds such magick that if we really spent time relearning the ways of our ancestors we would know that we are one and the same. ” – Neva Kennedy

This time of year brings memories to us all.

Some of these are good, and some are not so good. But one thing I know for certain, all memories have purpose. If it was not good to us, it was meant to teach us… if it was good to us, it was meant to do exactly the same. All things in life are lessons to be had.

The problem with the human brain is we have, since our very first incarnation, been taught to do and think by what others tell us. Before entering a life, you lived as one with all the Universe in the Heavenly realm that is our home. No one is divided, or looked upon with anything but complete and total love. Love without condition. All are tolerant, compassionate, patient, and just. Not because it’s what we were taught, but how we were created. We cannot be anything but that. It’s what we are and will always return to.

Humanity can be wonderful, and it can be difficult. But all that live have made their choice as to what they want to accomplish in this life. Perhaps they chose 2 days to live it out. Perhaps 20 years, or 100 years. One thing is certain, we do not leave this place until the very moment, second, hour, that we ourselves chose.

Therein lies the answer so many ask. Is life preordained? Yes… and no. So much of this life is according to the plan, the model, the blueprint… there are many terms used. I like the book of your existence… I use each life as a chapter in the novel of your soul. In each of these chapters, and with each one that follows, one thing is expected… do what you think is right at the time you must decide.

Whether a big decision or small, listen to your instincts, your gut. It is where your soul resides. It cannot fail you, and will never lie to you. It often answers quickly, and for many, we miss it’s moment. Slow yourself down. Breathe, and really listen… let your heart guide you. Your life is written, and when in question, let your heart guide you. You are all doing fine, and whatever may be causing distress is only temporary. Do your best to give it no more credit to your existence than it deserves. And give more credit to the good things that happen.

In short, this life is but one of many, and we all return home. So do not fear the future, you took care of that. You knew what you were capable of. Let no one teach you that you are not… you are magick, you were created with magick.

In this holiday of joy and caring, take it upon yourself to give back. A kind word is more valuable than all the presents in the world. Be an inspiration. Be compassionate. Not just now, but always. Live your life as a spiritual being, here to share its love… for that is why you are here.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

In Love and Light!
Vicki Monroe
Spirit Messenger
Inspirational Speaker

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