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Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit EventHello All!

I hope the Spring has reached everyone both near and far, and that you all are stepping outside into the light of warming days and budding trees. Spring is always a wonderful welcome here in the Northeast. The snow has finally left us. Although our Springs are met with much mud and rain, we do eventually make it to that landmark day when the trees begin to pop and the flowers begin their return of color.

As with every season, I look back and reflect. I don’t like to look at the troubling issues that happen to us all, but rather to see them as a lesson and move forward with a mental note, “I may not have liked that situation, but I am wiser because of it.”

This happens to us all in our lives, and we have lived many of them. Each life having a definitive purpose and like so many, we are always wondering, “WHY?” What is my path? Which way do I go? Who do I marry? Will I find love? Is this the job for me? I have heard them all, and I will continue to give guidance as best I can to these questions.

But… having had my own experiences and knowing that the process is a learning one, I would urge everyone to not think so hard on what the future holds, but to live in this moment. To enjoy what we have right now. And should there be a situation that isn’t making you happy anymore, ask yourself, “Is there a way to make it better”? If not, and there is no way to fix it, then remember that you chose this life before you arrived, and this is a choice you must make, but without over thinking, listen to your gut. Your brain is physical, it will die with the body, but your spirit lives within and resides in your gut, it will always be your first response. In spirit, it is what we know and live by – but here on this earthly plane, we often times ignore it.

Remember, you were born knowing everything since time began. Everything. So when you doubt or question your feelings, remember this – you chose this dance long before you got here. Every move, every chance, every turn. And not all of it is a great time. But in all honesty, can anyone learn anything if all goes so perfectly smooth? No. We all must have a bump or two to give us perspective once more. I would also add that worrying will never change the outcome of a situation. It can only rob you of the moment you have. So cherish it. Life isn’t meant to be that hard.

I believe the best any of us can do is to be kind without compensation. To love unconditionally. To have patience and understanding. A kind word to someone can mean more to the receiver than you ever dreamed of. Wake each day with a new outlook on life. We are here so briefly. Life is, and can be, wonderful whether you chose a 2 day journey here or 120. Your life is a novel and this experience another chapter to add to a very long history of lifetimes.

As always, I am still doing In-Person Sessions on Mondays and will continue to do phone sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I wish you all a very Happy Spring, and will write soon as the Summer begins.

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In Love and Light!
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