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Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit EventHi everyone! Just a quick note about my upcoming events! I will be at Jonathan’s Ogunquit on June 9th, show starts at 8:00 pm. I will be there in August and November too! Always a wonderful time.

I will also be at the Above and Beyond Club in Sanford, Maine for a Halloween blast! Dress in your best costumes and enjoy questions and answers of life after death, as well as hearing from your loved ones in spirit… and even perhaps a ghost sighting or two!

For any of these events, go to my website. My appointments are filling fast, so I’m doing my special Summer time prices. A Half Hour Phone Session will be $100.00 through August. A One Hour Phone Session is $250.00. A One Hour In-Person Session for 1-4 people is $350.00. Give our office a call and we can schedule a date and time that works for you!

Dreams… are they the past, present or future?

I am a vivid dreamer. But I know many people who believe they do not dream at all. When you have a difficult time sleeping or suffer from insomnia it can be hard to recall anything other than being annoyed that you can’t sleep, but let me assure you, even the lightest sleeper dreams. You don’t have to be in a deep sleep to dream. And here’s a secret, keep a note pad by your bed and write down whatever you are feeling or even thinking upon waking, even if you are waking for the 10th time that night.

Dreams can be elusive, and sometimes even broken into many pieces. I can go to sleep and start a dream, wake and need to use the facilities, but keep my eyes closed. I can pretty much do this particular thing with my eyes closed at my age! I get back into bed and within a few breaths I am back into my dream. I say into… I often am a director of my dreams. Almost like sitting in a director’s chair above the action and saying just that, “Action!”

Many times we dream, they are the past, different times in this life that were good times or even difficult ones. I see dreaming as our spirit showing us what needs to be seen in our journey right now. And sometimes these dreams can go back lifetimes. I recently while riding my indoor bike my daily 15 miles, was checking out Netflix and began watching a show called The Tudors. I have always had a longtime familiar feeling towards that time, and as I have gotten older the feeling has gotten stronger. I found as I watched that I was fascinated with Anne Boleyn. Her life and her execution struck me so strongly that at the point of the scene where she will lose her head, I became physically ill and felt tremendous pain in the back of my head. I couldn’t stop crying, or that feeling of senseless desperation of a life taken too soon and not knowing why. Do I think I was Anne Boleyn? I have no idea. I would doubt it, however I do believe after seeing it again, and going through that same feeling of heart break that I knew her, maybe even was a lady for her.

Have you ever felt that you knew a place that in this life you know you have never seen? Met a person you felt an instant connection too? Have you ever known a young person or child that was able to speak another language when they were never exposed to it? It happens every day. Remember this… your spirit never forgets, never lets go of the memories that helped shape it. So when this life is being designed by you on the Other Side, you just know that this is something that happens, and in the time you think nothing of it. You simply know. Here however, when our soul has a knowing… it can feel overwhelming and so disturbing. Depending on our age and what we have become in this life, and what we believe now as a human, we can try with much confusion to figure it out. It’s not hard. Things that souls recognize are memories we will carry with us in every life.

Children are the most apt to recall until they are told not to. So as you go on through your days and Summer brings you to new and old places, do not be surprised if you feel something reassuring. Even if it’s a feeling such as I had, don’t let it distress you. It is a memory, not your future. You wrote this life in accordance to what your spirit needed to evolve even higher, trust that. And remember worrying will never change the outcome of this life, but, it can rob you of times to enjoy.

I wish you all good and sweet dreams. And should you need to speak to your loved ones in spirit or simply have questions, I would be happy to help you if I can.

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In Love and Light!
Vicki Monroe
Spirit Messenger
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