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About Vicki Monroe

New England’s First “Best Psychic Medium”

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Vicki Monroe has been seeing those that have passed on since the age of three. In Vicki’s first book, “Understanding Spirit, Understanding Yourself,” she shares her story of her life’s journey with her amazing gift to connect with the other side. Her journey of self discovery of her gifts is one that has shaped her into the psychic professional she is today and touched the lives of countless people across the globe.

Unlike many mediums, she can see, hear and feel spirits. When Vicki observes and communicates with loved ones in the spirit world, she sees them as their true soul essence. They are no longer encumbered by the molds of a physical body and present themselves to her as children or young adults. Our loved ones in the spirit world always present themselves to her in their most vibrant states. Vicki has said that the spirit world calls the human body “temporary housing” because its only purpose is to house the soul to allow us to fulfill our plan upon entering this earthly incarnation.

Vicki considers herself to be “a teacher, not a preacher.” She has received her Doctorate of Naturology from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, whose charter reads, “An integration of spiritual paths that honor the infinite of God.” While attending AIHT, Vicki studied various holistic health modalities and is well versed in the use of herbs for the treatments of physical and mental illness. If you would like to ask her a direct question, please visit her Health Forum.

Vicki & Bret MonroeVicki has a respect and acceptance for individual cultural belief systems. She shares her knowledge with the compassion and understanding that her beliefs are her own and is always supportive and respectful to cultural beliefs that may differ from her own. Her fundamental core belief is that “We all are one,” and she demonstrates this through the power of her readings.

Vicki is a resident of the greater Portland, Maine area. Vicki is married to her high school sweetheart, and she has four grown children and two dogs. She likes spending her time working with others, spending as much time near the ocean as she can, reading books, exercising, and taking long rides with her husband on his Harley Davidson.

Hi! And Welcome to My Website!

I’m Vicki Monroe, Psychic Medium/ Messenger, CSI and Psychic Investigator.

I’m also a published author, radio and television personality, and tour internationally. My titles I suppose speak for themselves, however I have not always been some of them. I have known spirits exist for as long as I have walked in this life. They have followed me, talked with me, even sat on the edge of my bed. From the youngest time I can recall, I have never been alone. They appear, as lovely, beautiful beings, who at times can be “annoying”, and to them, they find this humorous, as well as delightfully cunning. For those that have ever woken up and thought you saw someone sitting or standing on the edge of your bed, then “Honey, welcome to my life”, some call it a curse, and others call it a blessing. Me… call it my “purpose”.

I didn’t always feel that way. I ignored them as best I could in high school, as primary and middle school was very difficult. Seeing a friends grandparent or relative standing next to them, and not thinking anything but to bring them happiness, turned into many cold experiences for me. I learned then that a lot of people were either raised to not believe or see things in that way. Or refused to believe because they are of the mind that unless it’s proven, it’s not possible.

I know differently and as I grew the visits became stronger, no matter what jobs I took, mechanic, horse care taker, nurse, mother, and wife, it would never take precedence over this. And after the sudden death of my sister and her husband, and their visit to my home in Europe, it became quite clear that I would never be allowed to do another job, and that embracing it, was far better than trying to erase it from existence. It simply wouldn’t happen. On our return home from Europe, I began slowly at first, speaking with just family and some friends. But within 2 weeks I was doing readings for people from many different states, then radio comes calling, and I have a weekly show, that blew the demographics of the charts!

Television stations from all networks were interviewing me, others wanting to discuss pilots. My name was suddenly not just Vicki Monroe, it was “Vicki Monroe, Psychic Medium, the Ghost Whisperer of New England”, and I was being endorsed by famous mediums such as Allison Dubois of the show “Medium”, and James Van Praugh, the man behind the making of “Ghost Whisperer.” I was touring other countries and states doing lectures in mediumship. Teaching meditations, and appearing on National programs, such as Psychic Investigators, and Jenny Jones! WBZ radio had become one of my favorite stations to visit. And people were calling and scheduling sessions from other countries over the phone.

Now… many years from when I started, I am in a place of awe! What I inspired and taught, and continue to teach, I am learning from others. I became a Criminal investigation medium, helping to solve 4 murders so far. And continue to get calls from families who have had their missing family members cases closed. Only to be reopened and closed by me. How? I have no idea… but the spirits that guide continually keep me updated as to what my next purpose and point is. I listen to them, and they listen to me. We now guide each other. It’s my heartfelt sense that I was sent here in this life, and others (as I’m told), to bring this world back to it’s origins. To realize we all have a purpose, none better or worse, but that all things are meant to work together. That the process of death and dying is not a dark and dismal goodbye, but a spirit’s chance to return to heaven, home as they call it.

To make others realize that life beyond this world is the true existence of our inner selves, and that harm, waste, and guilt are wastes of what we don’t know could be our last day. Not our last day to live, but to live in a body, a house, a suit. They have been called all those things. I am a messenger, in work. In life I’m just like everyone else, “a spiritual being of great beauty and power, that has chosen to experience and learn in a physical body.” I solve murders. I help people see what signs they miss, to realize their potential, and that nothing is worth wasting more than five minutes of guilt over. “Make amends” the guides say. Then let it go. A lesson was learned, and lessons can never be mistakes. We are what we want, what we choose, and what we accept. This is my job, it’s who I am.

And I am here in this life to teach, to guide, to solve, and aid anyone who needs the lessons I have learned, and can teach. I love my job. It’s challenging, hard, wonderful and blessed all at once. And as long as I walk this earth, I will continue to be here, aiding anyone who needs my help. Live, Laugh, Love… life is that simple, and I was taught this too. Now let me teach you to take back what you feel is missing. To find what you thought you lost, and to help you understand that life, and this path, is exactly where you are suppose to be. And when you feel cornered, at a cross roads, unsure… it means change. A life without change is a life of mere existence. But… a life lived chasing challenges, learning, and finding the smallest things that make us happy… that is a well lived life. It’s my job, and I am honored to have been chosen for it. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and reading my testimonials. It has been a journey from my birth, and I continue to learn and grow to. I hope you will come back and visit often, or call for an appointment, or an event. No one is ever turned away.

Welcome… and enjoy!

In light always,

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