Hi Vicki! You are the 3rd medium I have been fortunate to see! My wife and I enjoyed your session – performance @ Jonathan’s last night! I’m a person in long term recovery-AA. Fighting through Cancer-NEVER GIVE UP! GRATEFUL! Wishing you the best! Thank you for using your gift to help many!

Hello Vicki,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us on Thursday night at Jonathan’s. Personally I was quite fascinated how you were truly able to mediate between both worlds.

I was one of the lucky ones to hear you and talk about me. You particularly mentioned, I too have a sixth sense and I should pursue it some more. After the show we spoke. You offered you would email me some recommended books to read.

I would greatly appreciate you doing so.

Thank You Again and God Bless.

Thank you so much for filling us in on your mom. I remember when your mom was living with you and I remember when she got married. Now that is how long I have been seeing you and following you. Your mom has come to mind recently and I was wondering about her.  I’m so glad to hear that she is returning to your home and is in relatively good health.  You are a good daughter. Kudos to your husband as well for all his hard work. Perfect examples of families and LOVE!

Please give my good wishes to your mom and a big WELCOME back home!

Always grateful, Yvonne

Good morning Vicki. I just wanted to tell you thank-you for making the time for my sister. She really needed that and you gave her some hope that things are going to get better. I have been so worried about her. So again thank you for doing what you do. It really does change things for people.


Good morning. 

Thank you Vicki! What an incredible experience yesterday. You will be hearing from me again soon as well as my parents. 

Thank you again!