I can’t thank you enough!!!! I would have gladly traded places with my sister… I’m a true believer and I can tell you’re pure in heart…

My sister didn’t have much… I also bought her entire outfit and shirt that had flowers on it… so I remember about mentioning flowers, the balloons you mentioned was for her 48th birthday 1.23.

I’m glad you are accurate and honest, and well worth wait.

Please, since you talk to spirits, let her know life is not the same and how much I love her. Other family members stated I didn’t treat her good and I hope she don’t believe that. I put a beautiful pendant in her coffin.


My wife and myself went to a show of Vicki’s in Ogunquit, Maine a while back. We paid in cash, sat in the corner in the dark, I was a skeptic.

Both my parents had passed away about 6 months earlier. During the first half of the show Vicki turned and looked right at me and said, “Margaret and Marjorie”. Someone from the other side of the room yelled Maggie and she turned towards them.

During the second half of the show she again turned and looked right at me and said this time, “George and Sadie”. Again someone yelled, but Vicki said no, and pointed at me. I told her that Margaret was my mother and Marjorie was her twin sister and George was my father and Sadie was his mother, my Grandmother.

She went on to say things that no one in that room would have known. She turned me from a skeptic to a believer. I will be ever grateful. Thank you Vicki.

Don’t Prioritize Being Calm

Weekly Inspiration!

“Don’t prioritize being calm. Prioritize being “mindful.”

If you always try to be “calm” you will be subtly aggressive toward any state of mind that isn’t “calm,” which is most of them.

Calmness comes and goes. But Mindfulness gives you a tool to work with any situation.


Welcome everyone to my new weekly inspirational quote. I hope you will enjoy receiving them!

Just an update as to what we are doing here for the upcoming 2019 calendar! I have opened my books for In-Person Sunday reads. If you have ever wanted one, then give my office a call and we can schedule one for you! They do go very fast! Also, we have an upcoming Podcast that will begin airing in the next 2 weeks and I’m very excited about it, and the amazing ladies that will be working on this with me! Stay tuned to my website and face book pages!

Enjoy the rest of this long January, count your blessings, and leave your worries behind. Remember, worrying will never change the outcome of any situation, it will only rob you of that time.

I look forward to hearing from you with your own news and interests for future Podcasts, and any questions regarding mediumship, paranormal activity, and all things magical!

Many Blessings to you all!

I can’t thank you enough for facilitating this for me ❤❤❤ I am truly blessed


Herb of the Month – Question about Insomnia

Question from Janet

I have chronic insomnia. Working nights is my profession, so sleep during the day is critical to me. I wake up every hour. Sometimes the total sleep without interruption is about 3-4 hours. I don’t want to take the narcotic types of medicines. Please Dr. Vicki what can I take that is natural and give me the sleep I need??

Response from Vicki

Hi Janet,

I’m assuming that you watch your diet in as far as you are not ingesting any stimulants such as caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate), or colas, and that you are eating small fat free, non spicy meals for your evening meal.

Chamomile, valerian, passionflowers are all good relaxants, are available in liquid format, and can be mixed. Particularly good sedatives are Valerian and Hoops. Hops are known to be so sedating that it must not be taken in depression, as is can lower the mood. Watching your dosage so that you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage on the tinctures you purchase, you are best to take a dose an hour before bedtime, one as you are getting into bed, and another if you wake up a few hours later. Once your body has settled into the routine, you will probably be able to decrease the dosage. Lavender is also very relaxing. You could try bathing an hour before bedtime with a few drops of the essential oil.

Note: This is in no way to replace a doctor’s advice. Please see your health care provider before trying any herbal remedy. We are not responsible for any effects or injuries that may come from this advice.

Happy Healing!
Dr. Vicki Monroe