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  1. Thank you so much, Robert. You are very kind!

  2. Many thanks! So glad you enjoy my site, and the info I provide.

  3. Thank you, Robert! I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

  4. Wow just found your site in google.. Love your post on Vicki Monroe » Welcome to Vicki Monroe’s Blog!

  5. Hi Vicki, Im a repeat costumer and My question is my son came through with a messege for his 20 yr old sister telling her to let the young people know there is life on that side. What can we do to get this out there?

    Also, a while back my son was coming through someone who could hear spirits He had not come to her in about a week, I was outside at night and everyone was sleeping, I was thinking to myself ok Im just going to remember you before you passed and say this communication never came through. well within a minute the person who has communication with spirits opens the door to the outside and says he says dont even think that I havent come to you. Why was it so important that he say that. He had come through one day and there where many phycidelic green orbs going in a circle, what might that have been? thanks for your time lisa

    • Hi Jeremy,
      That’s really a great thing! Do you know most people who believe they have lost someone, once they have a reading, are certain that person is still very much around them. And the messages come in so many forms. Dreams, sense of smell, finding pennies lying on the floor, even just a song that may have crossed your mind seconds before, and is now playing on the radio…they have many ways, and any means to connect. We just have to believe and allow.

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