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New Health Forum should be up!  The show for CBS airs on the 30th!  Check  your local listings for times.

Hey everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the fall weather, it’s beautiful here.  Just put additional tour dates up on the  Calendar page, check them out to see if I will be in an area near you!  Also the CSI case from the haunted cemetery will air on the 30th of this month, so check your local listings for times.  If you do not get it.  You can watch it on line via webcast.  Go to

Located in Portland, Maine and check the listings for upcoming programs.  You may even see the trailer, before I do!  Would love to hear your feedback on it.  Negative or good, it’s all helpful.  Hope many of you who haven’t taken the advice of doctors are getting that annual flu shot.  No you cannot get sick from it.  It’s a dead virus.  Some get misinformed, and believe it gives you the flu, years ago it did, but these shots for the past 10 years or more are not giving you the flu, just giving your body the ability to fight the illness.  See your doctor for inoculations regarding swine flu…as it stands now, the young adults and very small children and infants , as well  as pregnant women are at the top of the list for vaccines.  If it becomes necessary for your area to have the vaccines, in the invent of a mass outbreak, your health care providers will tell you if you are in a rick type category.  But for now, the regular flu shot is a must, unless you have allergies to chicken, or eggs, you are and should receive it.  137,000 people die from flu related illness every year.  It’s worth a five minute wait, to keep yourself and your family healthy.  Hoping you all enjoy your Halloween, and keep those treats to a minimum.  I know the kids love it, but …..with the obesity issues in this country, we all need to watch what our children are eating.  And to much of anything isn’t good.

To your health!


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