Do you live with Spirit in Mind? Or more in the Physical?

Hey everyone, I did the Seacoast for better living expo this past Saturday, and besides the most important question of “Who’s around me?” I was really intrigued that many asked if pets, as well as the spirits of loved ones, or of those we knew in prior life times are around?  Well….without any hesitation, the answer is  a resounding “YES”!  I think the best way to explain it would be this way.  Before we enter a life, we make a plan, a map so to speak.  And in this map, we have definite things that will be done.  And in others we have a choice or “Free Will,” as the other side likes to put it.  That gut feeling that makes us hesitate before acting, or speaking, or driving, etc….In their opinion, this is the voice of reason, not your brain, that is physical, it will die with the body, but your soul is 100% pure.  It cannot be polluted by society or religion, television, or a bad atmosphere.  We were born knowing all that there is and was, and will be.  And as we grow we begin to lose the ability to hear and listen to that inner voice, until all we feel is a hesitation, or doubt.  Their advice, when in doubt, even the smallest, Say NO!

It doesn’t mean forever, in all cases, it may simply mean, “Not Yet”, we may have to learn something first before moving into this direction.  I know that everyone has had that feeling before.  Should I, Shouldn’t I, and when we go against our deep inner feelings, we realize later, after the fact, that we made a mistake.  That we “knew,” we should have done the other.  Now…mistakes aren’t bad if we learn from them.  But to continue to make the same mistakes, well, that bring on another lifetime of one more thing you need to correct, learn, walk away from, and deal with.  It’s Karma, baby!  And it’s a bigger thing than anyone can beat.  You will be dealt a blow if you do it to another.  The old saying, what goes around, comes around?  So True!  So think before you speak, and if you feel it was a bit unfair, or mean, then apologize, but mean it.  You can say your sorry a hundred times, but if you don’t mean it, it doesn’t count.  In fact it’s one hundred more times you will have to fix it.  The simplest things in the life, and the way our spirits really are, that is how we are to live.  Yes our physical bodies can wreck havoc, and some forget the soul and it’s internal reasoning, so much so, that terrible things happen.  Again, this is not the soul, but the physical which has lost all reason, and lives only for itself, it believes in only itself, and that whatever he or she does, it’s of no matter.  It’s a very sad thing.  I was speaking to a group of people a few weeks ago, and it amazed me how this one couple, who were verbally abusive to others, and judgmental, as well as bitter, and hateful, believed that they would go straight to heaven when they died, and yes they will, but not without seeing all they had done to others and feeling all the pain they caused.  The soul was pure, but the physical was cruel and without compassion of any king.  What annoyed me the most about them, was that they believed because they were “Good Christians,” and being in church every Sunday, they were in Gods favor.  As I said, they will have a rude awakening.  Only we can judge ourselves when we leave a life, and people that live without compassion, patience, tolerance, love, and above all, non-judgment, will see and feel the pain they caused.  Yes…heaven is home, and this is work, and each of us has our own mission in mind.  My advice would be to listen to your mind, that gut feeling, and not your brain.  Anything that has physical matter will one day die, but our souls live forever.  And the way you treat people, animals, and all living things, determines what you will decide is just and fair when you return home.

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