“Dying To Be Heard”

Snippet of show for CBS, go to wgme13.com they have it on their home page under top stories!


  1. Hi Ms. Monroe,

    I’m seeking help to find my neices killer. I live in Brunswick,Ga on the East Coast. She was murdered 6-06-07. There was male DNA found but no one has been arrested. The detective handling my neices case suggested a psycic. the familly really needs closure to this horrible crime.She was only 26 years old. Please! If there is anyway that you may can help please let me know.

    Thank You

    • Hi Debbie,
      I’m so sorry to hear of your neice. The only way I could work it is if I came there, and went through the day or two before, or after she turnd up missing. Or….you can show me anything that has some kind of unusual person in a photograph etc….who was she seeing, where she was working….etc….and there is form to fill out, and I have to charge a fee. I know that’s hard….but I work on these cases alot. If you can e-mail me them…that would help. Than I can let you know what the fee might be.

    • Please check out my site, and line down to CSI, then read the charges that go with it. Let me know if you would like further help.

    • I highly suggest, Debbie that you call my office and we schedule a date and time for a session for you. We can then learn what the details are and even more precisely, what really happened here.

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