New England Ghost Whisperer…big hit!

Wow, thanks everyone for all the wonderful words and encouragement! I didn’t get one negative….and that’s amazing! Leaving for Florida, and will be back in office on the 8th, leave your messages here, or shoot me an e-mail and I will return it as soon as I get back. Again, thanks to Dave Eades, and the camera crew and my friend Tina for being at the shoot, it was a great time, really cold, and a lot of what you didn’t see due to the families wishes in this case, will come to fruition soon, the case has moved forward, and now has reopened. I’m thrilled! Happy Halloween, and be safe everyone!

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  1. California, and no it’s not a secret. I live in many places, and only two of them do I keep entirely private.
    Hope that answers your questions.
    In light!

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