New England Ghost Whisperer/CSI…shooting went well!

Hey Everyone, a big thanks to Dave, Jason, Tina, and the family I was privileged to meet last night in the cemetery! The spirits were out in rare form, and it made this psychic medium happy to know they are still helping us out, no matter what we are going through. The show airs October 30, check your local listings…have a wonderful Friday everyone!


  1. Great show! Bones is awesome!

  2. Have never watched Bones before, but I hear it’s very good!

  3. Hey Everyone!
    Great weekend! LL Beans, getting new snow shoes! It’s snowed for the first time here, thankfully mostly rain. Just sent in a new health forum blog, hope you all get to see it, and if you request a link up with me, please reciprocate? I have no problem with that, as long as I’m listed, if you are not listing me you will be removed. Hope all had a great weekend, look forward to seeing you at the SeaCoast Expo on Saturday. Check my updated Calendar page, it should have been put up by now. Lots of new dates and places to see me! Enjoy your night, sleep tight. I love cold windy nights, I sleep so well!

  4. Vicki you are so gifted! It’s wonderful that you can help all different people though different happening in there lifes.

    • Hey Robyn,
      Thanks so much! This is a new genre for me. And everytime I can help a family close a case that has been unsolveable, brings a sense of peace to not just me, but the family finds their closure, and a knowing that they are still being loved by that person.

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