Thanks for the kind words!

It is always nice to hear that what you have written is helping others, and/or that it is appreciated, or even criticized by a different view. If we cannot see things from another’s perspective, then we never learn.  The lessons of life after death, are as old as time itself, simple, yet made complicated.  All souls, yes all…go to the other side.  Some refer to this place as heaven, well, to some it maybe. Others, it’s home, and in truth that is the reality of this place.  Just a breath away from  wherever you are, is the world of our creation, from the mother of the earth, and the father of the sky, we are all connected.  Each and everyone of us.  And to each of us, heaven is whatever our minds, (spirit), not our brains, (physical), dreams it to be.  That is how our loved ones travel to this plane.  They no longer are encumbered by the body, the only thing capable of violence, hatred, bitterness, and evil.  Our souls are pure light, never tainted by the outside world, yet taking on the job, of keeping the physical as straight as the arrow can fly.  But we are tempted, and the soul cannot always reach us.  In this new year, remember that your loved ones are with you, no matter what anyone says, they are here, and they are there, we can feel them, smell them, watch them through our minds eye.  Don’t let others tell you, it is wishful thinking…it is a wish come true.  No one is perfect here, but they, they are perfect there, and the love stays perfect.  It never waivers, not even a fraction of a bit.  Feel them in your dreams…watch them…believe in them, and they will show you more.  But first, you must realize that death is a physical thing.  But the soul lives forever, and we ourselves being spiritual beings will live forever too.  So if we are all spiritual beings, than our separation is merely temporary.  We go on…but some choose to go on first.  If we realize this, then life doesn’t end with the body, it is reborn to the home of our creators, and all that have loved us, and all that we have loved, will be waiting.  Believe in them as they believe in you…you are all miracles, and being here, that is a miracle.  Forget the negative, and be the miracle each and every day…if we all do this…the world will change, and the spirit within will overtake the physical that wills itself to win.  Happy Holidays, and blessings for love, joy, and no goodbyes, for a wondrous New Year!  In light and in love,



  1. I enjoyed this, and agree. Blessings for the coming year. Simon.

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