The tree is up, the lights are strung, and the shopping begins!

The holidays are meant to be a time of great happiness, thankfulness,and joy when friends and loved ones can come together. I get many e-mails and phone calls from people thanking me for helping them through the loss of a loved one, and that they feel a sense of peace and closure. Even in times like these, it is not unusual for many who have found that sense of peace, that recognize the signs of a loved ones presence, to feel sadness, and a deep seated loneliness that they hadn’t felt in while. Joy and sadness, love and hate, are very fine lines that can cross each other leaving us with a sense of hopelessness, and a wonder if we ever felt better at all. Well…time does heal all wounds. But during festive times, when we see others enjoying family members that we have lost it is only natural to feel and become sad at not having our loved ones present. Here is the kicker though, when we have those moments when we just break down and cry, be it a song, movie, feeling, whatever over takes us at that moment, causing such a deep sadness, it is necessary. The reason, it’s not loss, it’s…”them”. Yes, they are visiting! They know how much holidays can be joyful, and sorrowful to. Those deep sobs we feel at their loss, in physical terms, means they are hugging you! And the physical cannot understand nor apply resistance to it, so it becomes overwhelmed. But as you or me, or whomever relates to this knows…after the tears stop, and we are up again, moving about our day. We see that the sadness or feeling of loss has been replaced by this sense of “knowing”, a feeling of peace, and love, and calm has taken it’s place. Our souls have absorbed all of the love they gave in that moment of grief. Take this to heart, and know they don’t forget, they never hurt, or are angry. That is a human aspect of the two. The soul remains pure, loving, compassionate, patient, and above all…non judgmental. That is their world. Our world. Where we come from, and will one day return to. Anger, hatred, bitterness, they are all feelings that only the physical can create. So during this time of joy/sadness…remember who ever has gone on ahead, is not away from you, but closer than ever before. If they were cruel in life, angry, spiteful, these are all gone now. They send only love to us. Forgiving these things is good. Forgetting them, not so much. Put them in your mind’s file. A lesson learned would be a terrible waste if lost in time. So during this holiday season, don’t let yourself feel lost. Find someone, there is always a person in need of caring, volunteering, and just sharing your time. Not only does it help you, in giving and receiving the joy of Christmas is delivers the greatest gift of all…love to others.

Happy Holidays!
Love and Light,

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