“Dying To Be Heard”

Listen live to “Dying To Be Heard,” my new internet radio show on Skype!

Hi Everyone, hope we all survived the holidays and kept some holiday cheer as well! New Radio show begins this Saturday night at 10:00 PM Eastern Time, live called “Dying to Be Heard”! This is not to be confused with the segment I did for CBS…on the home page…although you should check it out! New logo for the radio show will be up soon, new pics have to be taken~ You can call in at 1-310-601-4358, picking up the headset tonight! If you have ideas for the show, let me know…stories that are bizarre to those in the real world, well…they never are to me…or just call in and talk to one of our unique guests, and we will have some very taleneted ones. Appointments are beginning on the 23rd for Saturdays, trying to help those who can’t make it during the week. New date for my show with the “Wolf”, now on Fridays from 6:00 am to 7:00 but will remain taking calls and having conversations with Dave and Michelle until the 9:00 o’clock hour.

My Skype name is Messenger 340 if you would like to become a fan, or friend. Look forward to hearing from you all…and tune in, so we can talk and discuss the here after, the now, and the before! Staying warm, or trying too! Happy Monday and have a great week! OOPS, the station to check this out on is Para X Radio, Paranormal Radio, CBS Radio, and KAPS…check out the sites, and hopefully in the next few days the link to the show will be up…not used to doing this solo, but will get the hang of it.

Peace be with you!

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