A recent letter I would like to share…

Hi Vicki,

I was at the night at your place 1/9/10 I was there with the couple who had a son who commited sucicide last fall at 14. There was 2 other women and myself, Just in case, I’m sure you remember, but I’m just refreshing you. I was the one who had a mini donkey and was worrying if I should adopt another.

Here is the thing… I was reading your book. When I got to the part where you are in Germany on a base with your husband, you smelled the perfume and asked her what she was wearing, she said nothing, it smells like Halston, your sister Heather wears it all the time. As soon as I read the word Heather, I knew the rest of the story. This is so weird. I was like OMG. I knew your mother, Heather, your little sister and I think I met you also once. I didn’t know your family that well. But even that was a coincidence.I used to do your mothers Hair at the Salon at the Fox Run Mall in Newington NH. Great Expectations outside of what Was Jordan Marsh, now Macy’s. I always envied your family, they were all SO SO NICE, mine was not. I thought they are so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

I also always thought how beautiful all of you were. I remember your mother telling me about your little sister who had a thing for JFK, president Kennedy. She used to tell me how she was soooo into JFK, yet she was never even born when he was around? Then come to find out, back at that time, She said she lived in Wells Maine, I said I do too, where do you live, she lived on Depot rd, so did I…. ??? I was like you’re kidding me, you live on Depot rd? in Wells, so do I. I used to do Heathers hair too. I thought God she is sooooo beautiful. Then I heard the horrible news about the car accident. I really thought it had HAD to be someone else, it couldn’t happen to such a wonderful family. Then when I heard HOW the accident happened, I then also thought, it couldnt be, maybe thats just a rumor, maybe it didn’t really happen That way, kids on purpose shutting off the headlights & speeding thru stops signs., then I find out it really did happen that way. By the time I found out about what happened, it was over, the funeral and all that.

I felt HORRIBLE. I wanted to do something? at least a card. I found a super good sympathy card, the poem was the Rose still grows beyond the wall. To this very day, when ever I buy a sympathy card I think of Heather and your mother & family. Your mother came to see me at the mall a while after… after a time. She told me that was THE BEST card of all the cards she got. I loved it so much I had bought several and still keep one in my card collection drawer.

The poem talked about the rose, growing towards a crack in the stone wall, where the light was shining brightly. The rose is now on the other side of that stone wall, and the rose still lives beyond the wall on the other side. I felt like it was saying , and the meaning was we live on…on the other side. And I gave that to your Mother way back then…. I just cannot get over the coincidences.

I remember you all had GREAT HAIR . not just because I used to do hair, you all had super nice thick auburn hair, all soooo pretty too. Even when I first heard about you as a medium, I thought you looked familiar, but didnt think anything more than that. Wowo. I think I know the answer, but is your Mom still living here with us??? I just wanted to share this with you. I think next time I’d rather do one on one appt. I think maybe I would get more from it…

In Light


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