Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

Hi Everyone!  Been a while…don’t grumble…winters are long and hard for me.  The solitude of the New England weather, the darkness, and the insurmountable endless days and nights that flow without care, one into another, until we wonder what day it is?  And how much longer the winds will whip, and the snow and rains will fall, before a flower peaks up through the thawing ground.  This winter has left me much time to speculate and has given me a long awaited chance to rethink things of the past, some things to leave there, a memory best left in my mind, a lesson best remember for all time.  And other things …mistakes, issues that became more than they needed, friends forgotten…now recalled, and how as time continues it’s pursuit in the ultimate ending…we all have purpose.  We all are spiritual beings who chose a human existence.  We are here to learn, to love, to forgive, and not forget.  To forget is a lesson lost, and each lifetime heeds us many lessons.  The reason for  my question, in my title, is that through out this winter, this has been a question that I have heard over and over again.  Many people searching for that ultimate someone.  The person that will fulfill them.  To bring them the happiness they just can’t seem to find on their own.

The job, the money, the security, the knowing that “I cannot live this life alone, there has to be something else?”  But…what if this is all…there is nothing more.  You are where you are, and that is that.  Is this a terrible thing?  Did you make so many mistakes that the life you have can not be made into a good thing?  Are you with the wrong person?  Are you always looking for the grass to be greener on the other side of the fence?

Here’s my take on that.  No.  Not ever.  You are the living example of the choices you make.  You are the ultimate being in this world in that body, and all you believe can be changed.  All you choose can be undone.  And the person you thought you loved, and even married, can be undone, just remember something drew you to that person, a word, a look, an energy.  So many people have guilt.  Guilt over not being able to say goodbye,  of not being there when a loved one passes.  Of being the one to say, “It’s over.  I can’t do this anymore.  Or…”I loved you once, but that has faded, and I must go.  Or even to say…I have found another.”  These are real emotions.  Real feelings.  And we are not to feel guilt.  Falini once said…”Guilt is a waste of time….it is the past crippling us in the present.”  I so agreed with those words, I don’t believe we make mistakes when we choose this earthly incarnation.  We move through it.  Defying it, loving it, challenging it, and all along the way we meet others.  Some we feel a strange draw too, perhaps an attraction?  These are souls from past lives, they were lovers, friends, or merely close family…some we meet may be instantly disliked.  A feeling of wariness, or a fear even.  Also from another life.  Karma is a big bowl to hang onto if you don’t let a lot of it go.  How?  Make peace with those you dislike.  Be kind, sincere, and walk away.  If they in turn do not send the same feelings, it doesn’t matter, you and your souls karma have cleared them from your journey, never having to face that one again.  As is in every relationship, moment, and chance.  All of these we have chosen.  Soul mates are everywhere.  They are people who seem like siblings, even when the blood is not the same.  Do not feel guilty or honor bound to your blood relations, it means nothing, if the love there is not equal and only one is trying.  Eventually you will wear yourself out, trying to make the other happy.  And this, my friends is not living.  It is existing.  So release them, cut the chord, move onward, that leads ultimately, upward, outward, wherever the next world begins.  Lovers, they are the one thing every person seeks, and rarely finds, at least the first time.  We search and search…sometimes marrying the one person, we feel compelled to stay with, whom we aren’t absolutely certain about, worry about, yet want no onther to have them.  This is a past life love.  A certain devotion, and we carry on until we can no longer enable ourselves, but feel disabled to stay.  I know many stay for their children.  But if you remember, that all souls start in the same place, with the same task at hand, then children know exactly what we know.  They knew in the spirit world that love would always be there, but the faces may change.  Divorce is hard, and no matter when it happens or why, there is pain.  To say there isn’t would be lying.  Any time a relationship that carries feelings and love ends, their is pain.  Yet…when time begins to heal us, and cure us of our ills, we see that perhaps their is another, a person we never dreamed would come into our lives.  Yet again, when we meet them, it is an instant feeling of emotion.  These are soul mates too.  There are soul mates that make us feel instant attraction, and sexual feelings.  Others that we know are and will be our lifetime friends, and family.  And many that will teach us, guide us, for a day, a year, or longer, and then they are gone, but never forgotten.  Animals are soul mates.  Who has never not felt their heart break at the loss of a devoted pet, not matter what kind of pet it is.  They too, will travel the road home, the first for us to meet, when our turn to end this particular life is terminated.  As I tell all my clients, and from the lessons I have learned, love comes in many forms, embrace it.  Challenge it.  Change it.  When we lose passion for things, it is our infinite wisdom, our souls purpose to signal a change.  Rather than sit and feel sad, stand up, walk ahead, and see the light in the distance, it’s a new day, and new dawn, and no matter where your feet carry you.  Where your heart takes you, love is always there, perhaps in the eyes of a stranger…from hundreds of years ago.  Life is a mystery…your life is a novel, make the tale one of passion, profit and patience, and you have lived a life of wonder.


  1. This is one of the best blogged I’ve read in a long time.There is a continuous curiosity about soul mates,I feel if people are together for many years and see each other until there dying day I believe that is the soul mate of true love. The endless continuing within each other. To read each others moments and minds that is something bazarre.I find myself doing it all the time thinking im going to pass someone or thinking about my lover then we pass each other unaware.But a little confused or thinking about something given to you that has meaning then that something was also on there minds during the week.How do you
    explain those moments in time when your away from someone but everything you’ve been thinking about is being done or is mentioned.Should i only think wow thats weird or should i express the moment with the person so there aware of my thoughts.I find that to be truely lovely

    • I always encourage people to express themselves. Do it in your own unique way, without changing yourself to fit what we believe is this persons way. When we speak from our soul, the soul we speak too, it hears us in the most and basic ways. Speak up! Never shut up!
      In light,

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