It’s time all of this stopped!!!

I’m not sure if many of you have heard the latest developments on Sylvia Browne, but I have stated for years now, that she was a fraud. Now low and behold, it has been made official. All you have to do to check this out, is go to “Psychics,” on Google, and you will see all of the YouTube videos of her horrible readings and sessions. Those websites that claim to know the real deal, and the investigator that gives a bogus test to put “REAL PSYCHIC MEDIUMS” on their list, that is also a joke! People pay to be on this site, and trust me, they pay alot of money! I’m sick to my stomach at the thought of so many people listening to this site, and many of the others associated with him, I had to finally speak out. He even has her listed as one of the “real ones,” and also has John Edward, George Anderson, James Van Praagh, and many others, whom he doesn’t even know. Please be cautious! He is running on now about call in lines, etc…when the people on his site are nothing more than pay for ads! Be cautious! People are smart enough to know what is real, and what is not. You cannot test someone! They either are, or they aren’t! It’s all a scam for money. I don’t want any more people taken advantage of by these sites. While intentions may be good, they aren’t helpful if they are not factual. Everyone…if someone says they are the only legitimate site, then that’s a red flag! See for yourself, the person that draws you to them. Sylvia Browne has made a fortune off the heartache of families and the mistakes are to numerous to mention. This person has her listed as one the best, that right there, should tell you, he has no idea! I’m glad that I disassociated myself years ago. If these mediums were smart, they would leave too! I believe very strongly that it’s going to blow up, and the mediums that are true and honest should look now, before they lose their good name, due to greed and the simple words he uses, “I personally tested each one.” So? What kind of test? And what does that mean? Answers close enough to your liking, or spot on! I don’t want any more people pulled in by these types of websites. Be warned, it’s not over until we stop people from using famous people’s names, some who have no idea they are, and when they are, they end up being as fake and phoney has the person who claims they are the only one that knows the real deal. Well…that just fell through, now didn’t it. I hope everyone hears my words, and knows, I do what I do for those that need me. And no one is ever completely accurate. But the mediums that I know are special people indeed, they are humble, kind, compassionate individuals who really are what they have been chosen to be. A voice between two worlds. Trust your instincts, and you will know. I send this message with care, and truth.

In light,

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