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Happy early summer everyone! Here in the New England, hazy August days have begun in May, and I haven’t heard anyone complain! And if they do, I quickly give the, “It could be 30 below right now!” And amazingly people wake up to the fact that being creatures of habit, we have a habit of complaining. We complain about weather, food, parents, kids, spouses, chores, heck the other day, someone was complaining because they needed to go to the bathroom and do the do! Which I never do! “Is that getting to personal?”

My motto now, yes it changes often, is be grateful. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have clothes? Food? Love of family or friends? But…not lots of money…then you are indeed a twice blessed soul. Family, friends, health, and love, without a lot of the other stuff, which to me, just feels like clutter…are so much better off. So rather than get up in the morning, seeing a rain shower, say thank you! The earth needs it. If the sun is beating hot and dry, say thank you. The earth needs the heat! Someone is making you annoyed? Say thank you for the lesson in patience. And that walking away from negative can always be a good thing. Say thank you to your life. No matter what your purpose, your journey, your path, whether it makes sense at this juncture or not, it’s where you need to be. The signs change soon, even while we are unaware of it. I find the sooner we stop feeling the victims of others, which I have in my life, made myself an alienated person, not from anyone else but my own ridiculous imagination, and then believed it, sending good friends far away, and sometimes away forever. For what? Status? You can have all the status in the world, but if you can’t find happiness in you, by you, then what does status do? Nothing. You are responsible for your happiness, no one else has that job, nor should they be felt that they are. Our life is our own. We share ourselves, not inflict ourselves into peoples lives. I have found the quickest way to lose someone that means a lot to you, is to accuse. If you are like most people, we don’t really know the truth, before we act. We assume, and assume some more, and by the time we are done, we have a conviction, with out any real truth. This month’s mantra…”Believe in you, you are the one responsible for your own happiness,” say it whenever you are about to flip someone off because they pulled in front of you, or you lost a parking place. Now…I wave, and smile! Enemies you create, be kind to…if you are lucky they will forgive you. If they don’t, then you did your best. Your karma is clear. Grudges never! Let them go. Bitterness…ladies…leads to Botox! Let that go! Fast! Remember to dream. Summer for me, is the most magical time of year. The dragon flies, the fire flies, they light my 40 acres at night as if I were walking into a fairy land filled with white sparkling starts all around you. The smell of the sea, and the fragrant flowers on this piece of ground I so worship, let it be your sanctuary. No matter a city, a suburb, a small apartment, or single room, make it yours. Make it a place you want to see, and be one with. In a nut shell, live live, love it, and let laughter be what you start the day with and end the day with. Then…you are living a blessed life.

Some cool things happening! Check out my Calendar page this week when the new updates are put up. I am heading to Switzerland and France in June. My annual tour there! Love the people, and wonderful friends I have there now. Can’t wait to see them and meet new ones. In July taping for HBO begins, can’t reveal anymore, but to say the least, I’m very happy, and very grateful to have been blessed with this job. Summer months are filling up with dates for 10-20 person groups. And individual readings. So if you are in the mood for a session, take that opportunity. Or…join me at the Dash of Diva in Portland on October 22nd! Last years event was a huge success! Check out my Calendar page for the information. Also in October, on the weekend of Halloween, what started my career in this field, has been requested again! I’m doing a large event in Kennebunkport, a gorgeous seacoast village town. The place, a one I know well, haunted and charming, The Nonantum is the place to be on October 29th. Call and reserve your seats for this only type of event in 2010! The environment will be electric, and ethereal. Find yourself taking a step back in time. And as you listen to the family members and friends of past loved ones speaking clearly and concisely to you, through me, find your mind opening to a world of new possibilities. Opening your mind, and sharing the experience with others who are their to learn and find that loved one they thought they lost is a wonderful experience. For more information, contact my office at 207-499-1089. Or contact Tim at the Nonantum, 967-4050, extension 651 for room availability. It will truly be an unforgettable weekend and a memory that you will cherish for a life time. Also look for my new book, co-written with my amazing friend and talented writer, Laura DiDio, “The Conduit”, out this winter! Hope you all are able to listen to my Monday night radio show on the station. “Dying to Be Heard!” It’s now become one of the most successful shows on the network, as well as the CBS and KAPS radio. Also you can listen to my read people dialing in from their homes and the sides of the road on their cells to 99.9 THE WOLF, with Dave and Michelle! We take your calls from 6:00 Am to 8:00 AM. Fun and fulfilling as the tears can be heard on air, tears of joy that is! To all of you that have been in my life before now, you are cherished, to those in my life now, you are cherished, and to those I haven’t met yet….you are the same! All are cherished beings in my life, and I thank you for all you have done to make me a better person, medium, writer, and friend. My love reaches to you all, across the ocean and beyond!

Summer joy from me to you!

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