Hi there, I find your ability to bridge the gulf between the living and those who have passed to be both amazing and very comforting. You reinforce a belief that I have always held, that our loved ones do not just leave us after they pass. You seem to push aside the veil between our world and the next. I have heard you touch countless people over the radio, you have a gift that I envy.

If only we could all learn to be a little more tuned in, we would find that our passed loved ones are still all around us. But, for those of us who can not open our hearts and minds enough to listen to them on our own, it is a beautiful service you provide to communicate their messages for us.

I will continue to listen to you on WJBQ and will also continue trying to learn to listen to those more subtle messages on my own. I wish you Bright Blessings.

Blessings of the Goddess,
– R.D.

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