Dear Vicki,

Thank you for the reading you gave to me today at noon. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical prior to us speaking, but your accuracy as to so much of my life with my late husband and the people in our life together, and now my life without him, was nothing short of breathtaking. It was the affirmation I needed to move ahead, honoring my life with my late husband while pursuing the new love that I have found and that I believe he has sent to me.

You are truly blessed with a gift. I will be on vacation in Ogunquit this summer and will try to set up an in-person reading with you-it would be a delight to meet you.

I’ve attached a photo of my late husband with our son shortly after he was born, shortly before Alan got sick, just so you can see the wonderful man who spoke through you.

Many thanks,
(Posted with permission)

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