Dear Vicki,

Just a quick note to thank you for a remarkable, rewarding, emotional, heart-warming, life-altering session yesterday.

We were amazed and touched, heart and soul, by your spirit messages from our loved ones who have passed. You were so accurate and informative. The message from J.’s dad touched him very deeply, and will stay with him (and change him for the better) for the rest of his life. J. always suspected that his father didn’t know how to express his feelings of love for J. and siblings, and admired the type of father J. is. Know he knows it! Messages from my grandmother S., mother, father and sister, and from J.’s mother and sister meant the world to us. You confirmed what I have always known…that the spirits of those who we love and who love us are always with us.

We will listen to the tape again later today; the tape recorder worked well and is a wonderful way to listen to messages from them to you to us again and again. My sister and her husband hope to meet with you in the fall.

We will also listen to your Meditation CD. Again, thank you so much; it was a morning we will always treasure and never forget!

G. & J.

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