Dear Vicki,

I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave to M. and I yesterday. You made a huge, positive difference! The loving validation you gave to both M. and I that our loved ones were very present and were indeed sending us love and totally embracing us touched us very deeply. And to assure us that despite the pain and rejection that we have often felt in this life that we would not cross over alone was very, very comforting – especially to M. as she was more burdened by this fear than I. And I too felt very comforted and reassured. Your kindness and compassion and encouraging words for us about our life together, our health, our children, and my recovery were exceptionally helpful. It will be a pleasure to recommend you to others. Since seeing you I have noticed a very positive shift in how I am feeling on all dimensions. You gave me a renewed sense of hope, optimism, and truly reminded me of the bigger picture in a very loving, healing way. My very best wishes and thanks again


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