Good morning Vicki,

You asked me last night, who had Alzheimer’s and I couldn’t think…

Well, first I have to back up to when I was leaving home yesterday, my husband was giving me a razzing, telling me to say “Hi to your family for me” (I have long done energy work, drumming, Shamanic Journeying and a few other things that he has fondly “tolerated”). My reply was that it would serve him right if his Aunt Helen decided to show up. (His Great Aunt who had a big hand in raising him, who was a real curmudgeon, but whom he loved dearly.) Well long story, the one who had dementia was H.’s sister F., B.’s grandmother. I can’t believe that I could not recall that last night, I never knew her any other way. Anyway I wanted to confirm that there was someone, if I hadn’t been such a bonehead…

Again thank you, Vicki, for all you do. I tried not to have expectations, but it meant so much to have my Mom come through. January 26 will be the first anniversary of her passing.


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