Dear Vicki,

I am so honored! I would be VERY, VERY HAPPY to tell the world how VICKI MONROE changed my life in such an amazing positive way – I feel like there is so much love inside me that I’m overflowing with it – so I try to emulate you. I do not have a lot but I had winter jackets and hats, mittens, warm socks, etc. from when my children were young, I was allowed to donate them to our local elementary school for the many children that did not have anything warm to wear. I don’t want to blab on, but I am always thinking now of ways that I can give back to the universe and to wonderful, kind-hearted people like you. I am not working – I haven’t been since May. I believe there has been a reason for this inability to find “regular” employment, I believe it was time for me to “Let Go and Grow Spiritually”. I tell you it’s been tough money-wise, yet my life is so rich I consider myself a wealthy person. Thank you again for trying to help my nephew, it means sooo much. Ryan would have been one of the heroic people to go inside the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 had he been in NYC at the time – he would have been in his well-trained military strategic mode of getting in and getting as many people out safely, he is just that kind of guy. Big Heart of Gold!

With Much love from my heart to yours, to the Universe and entire Light of the Spirit World! Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!!!

– M!

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