Dear Vicki,

I just saw the Psychic Investigators show where you received information from Amy. It is strange as I really like the show, but have never looked up to a psychic after watching (a show like this) before. I think your episode really touched me and it is very admirable what you do, you are very strong. I have a spirit that I love and miss dearly and I always get signs to confirm and all day I had been trying to find an image of a mermaid and then on your site I see one and also one of the causes you support would be very dear to both of us. So I just had to write something to you. Though we only had 7 months together it left a lasting and positive impact in my life. If you ever do get contact from this spirit, I know it would be a wonderful feeling of love and strength, and please send a message of love for me!

Wishing you love, luck, peace and happiness,

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