Dear Vicki,

I just had to write to thank you for what you do! You did a phone reading for me about a month and a half ago. My father was there who died when I was 5. To know he has been a presence in my life has made me feel better.
This morning I happened to try Q97.9 and was shocked to get right through to you! The other important person in my life, my best friend, was there! She was right to say I am going through tough times. I miss her terribly. I am going to try to lean on her and feel her presence. Although it seems like it will be difficult to do without seeing and hearing her. It has made a big impact on me knowing these people are looking out for me. THANK YOU for enabling me to find out about them. You are a wonderful person to use your gift(?) to help other people.

God bless you!

– H.

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