August 06, 2010

Dear Mrs. Vicki

I just dont have enough words to thanks you as my heart wish… I had been all this year with a emptiness… know I feel relieved… I had this dream when my brother had about one month left in wich i saw him at my home and I told him; Travian , what are you doing here? and he said: I don´t know I just fall asleep an wake up here,,,and he looked really peacefull and beautifull as you said,,,I always keep telling my family that I was not sure if that was a dream because I felt like I was in another dimension. Today I know that I really went there…and  I Fell much better.  I write to you because I watched a discovery channel program where you helped to found a criminal, and I decide to find you on the web, not sure that you can really answer to an unknown person from far away like me, but something told me to do it, to ask you. And all you say to my was so perfect…thanks again…and always…You are a very special person that have a very important mision, and you´re doing it perfectly.

God bless you and your family…

Your friend forever,
M. A.

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