Dear Vicki,

You are so incredibly sweet.  I have never done readings for people but often wondered how to start.  I am 48 and have a good nature but I am also insecure about my gift.  I am learning about it and myself.  For years the gift went without nourishment.  Wasn’t even sure it was real but too many events caused me to change my thinking.  Too many times I could sense something wrong or that folks were lying to me.  I have always felt unusual as a man because of my sensitivity.  Church overwhelms me as do funerals.  Doesn’t even have to be a relative.

Children are my weakness.  I love children and because of my own childhood I am drawn to helping them.  Obsession takes over when a child disappears I just can’t stand it.  Sometimes I can see where they might be but never enough information to help anyone.  That is where I get frustrated.  One local girl disappeared and the images I had were wrong and that is where I get insecure.  I have a friend or two with similar talents and have been able to tune into them at times and give them specific details about them or their loved ones so I know its real.  Maybe unrefined.  This is too long,  but I want you to know how it warms my heart for you to respond to me.

Blessings Vicki and Thank You so much,

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