Dear Vicki,

I hope you find yourself in great health and spirit!!!  I am sorry I lost contact with you for over a year.  Remember my best friend’s case in August of 2009, the G.M. murder case.  Murdered in the hands of her son, D.M.  Last year in September 2010 there was a trial in El Paso, Texas which resulted in a mistrial, the jurors were deadlock.  The case had to be moved out of town, due to high publicity in our city, to San Antonio, Texas.  I knew in my heart that D.M., G.’s son, would be found guilty in the hands of the San Antonio jurors.  This morning, unanimously, the jurors found D.M. guilty of MURDER and this afternoon the jurors were in the next trial for the sentencing phase. It’s a bitter-sweet day that justice has finally taken place for the sake of my friend G.; but, unfortunately, for her family it has divided them bitterly.  Vicki, thank you for being there when I most needed someone to talk to, and most importantly your insight and guidance, you are a blessing!!!

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