Hi Vicki,

Long time no speak, I have sent this e-mail along with a prediction you had made sometime ago regarding a missing girl, this will jog your memory regarding a correspondence we shared a while back. First off let me start by saying that you prediction about this young girls body being found by a stone bridge was right on the nose, as of Friday her body (Miriam) was in fact found under a highway bridge at Yonge St and 401 area here in Toronto, and her father is currently in jail on an unrelated charge, but their is a lot of suspicion surrounding him, again, this was one of the premonitions that you shared with me some time ago. So, not that you need it, I am sure, but I wanted to share further validation of your gift and accuracy of your spirit guides. I hope this e-mail finds you in good health and God Bless you for all the amazing work you do, sharing your gift, and insight, and for me, making the world an even more fascinating place than it already is.


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