Hi Vicki,

My name is Steve and I live in Meridian Idaho, a suburb of Boise. I am a voice over guy, musician, husband and father of 4 boys.

I caught you on TV featured as helping solve a murder case of a young woman in Portland.

Nothing funky or spooky about your demeanor, as a matter of fact you seem very cool and grounded.

I just wanted to say that you’re a good girl. While that’s not news I felt prompted to write and tell you so.

There was a time when my antenna was up but I had to block everything out as life is too busy for me trying to hear what sounded like folks speaking through cheap dry-wall in an adjoining room. Not everyone was nice either.

For you to have the where-with-all to sift all of that is pretty amazing and more, you’re a force for good, thus a good girl.

I’d love to chat a few minutes if you ever have the time in your busy schedule.  If not, I completely understand. Below is our home phone.

God bless you and I hope 2012 is your best year ever for you and yours.


Steven Stetzel & Family

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