I received the book right away and I thank you so much for the gift it has bestowed upon me. At the time I felt a sense of urgency when I ordered the book, I believe that is why everything played out the way it was suppose to… funny how life can be like that sometimes (especially when you least expect it). All my life I have been aware of what some may call whispers in the ear sort to speak, but until resent events have had my emotions so tied up I had lost that ability and my senses had become dull. Upon receiving your first email I had a faint feeling by the way your writing style was like mine when we both have our thoughts ahead of our fingers, one of my fathers traits as well. I did indeed feel some funny connection as well. As I was reading your thoughts “friends in another time” I found myself getting wet eyed, now what was that all about (one of life’s mysteries). After reading the first four sections I found my senses starting to come back, not fully mind you but a better clarity was starting to take place. Then this morning out of nowhere I had a dream that my eyes were glued shut and I was forcing them to a partially open… see there is the sign of my senses fighting to the surface. Again thank you for the pleasant emails I’ve enjoyed them and being back of my re-awakening moment, still moving forward and my final comment is “Things will never be the same.”


Billie Jo

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