Alright, Vicki, I’m not trying to be pen pals here or anything, but I thought you might want to hear this:

On our phone call the other day, you were talking about me living in/near a rainforest. This was NOT what I was wanting to hear, since my dreams are pulling me to Ireland (which I never mentioned on the call).

On the internet last night, looking through the pictures of the property I would like to purchase, there was a photo of – you guessed it – THE LOCAL RAINFOREST!!! Who knew there was a bloody RAINFOREST in IRELAND???? Google it! County Kerry! There really is!

I almost fell off my chair, and I wanted to let you know that when I get to Ireland, that will be one of my first sidetrips – hopefully with good news for your son, as well.

This is too cool. What you do is amazing.

Thank you,

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