Dear Vicki,

I thought that you might be interested in some feed back about our previous conversation.

You told me that my wife and I were looking at lake front property, which was true. You said that my deceased father wanted me to know that he still had a connection to the lake property owned by my grandparents that we all enjoyed which was on Wilson Lake in Maine. Given the fact that this property was sold by my father and that my wife and I were trying to buy property in NH, this statement you relayed to me from my father did not make sense. Since that time we lost the NH lake property as it was sold out from under us but another property suddenly came on the market and it was everything we dreamed of and more. The strange thing is that this perfect property is in Maine and on Wilson Lake in Acton, Maine, which is the property my Grandparents owned. We presently have the property under contract and will be moving in 2 weeks before Christmas.

WOW, you are good and were right on target!

All the best !!!

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