WOW!! If you were in front of me I would give you a huge hug!!! You lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. The work I love, but not employed is coaching, I love teaching & helping. Your wording on things was amazing, it was like reliving it!!! There is no ? I will get a phone reading with, you are awesome!! You remind of one of my favorite TV shows the Ghost Whisperer, you even look similar!!! You will have to let me know when I should book another reading with you!! I have just 2 more ?’s for you, will my sister recover from her stroke she had & is Scott’s current girlfriend the one for him. I know we are not supposed to know everything, we all have life lessons
to learn. I just finished 2 books by James Von Prough, amazing!! Your gifts are truly god sent, I can’t thank you enough, but promise I will book a phone reading!!!

You rock Vicki!!!!

Brightest blessings to you!!!

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