Thank you, you have no idea.. That’s so comforting to know… Ugh..I definitely feel I’m being put through the ringer. Whether it be karma, a test, or just a damn horrible “hand of cards.” I am so glad that I am able to look to you in my most difficult times. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I know you’re busy & I’m sure you get questions left and right from this world and the other! 🙂 I agree with you on a move, I’m trying to finish the daylight basement here so that I can rent that out. You’ve given me a glimpse of light and hope to hold on to & am so relieved to know the I will have Moolah in the other world with my Dad, watching and waiting. This summer one of my best friends, like my brother, passed in my house, I tried CPR but I knew he was gone. All week he kept telling me he felt something negative around him & kept asking me about your gift, God, and what you’ve said of the other side. He was going to make an appointment with u… He said he felt & knew his time left was short. Which is why I asked about my gut feeling. His passing was a freak thing. Along the lines of a clot or his heart? Nothing he did. Life’s curious & cruel at times.

Thank god for you though & thank you for always being there for me in times of sudden events, doubt, & question. I attribute much of my new found spiritual beliefs to you & do feel more comforted. I’m lucky to have found and met you when I did. A lot of people, especially those along side me in this “science” related field in school, don’t understand it, but to me, it’s probably the most helpful instead of all the Drs, meds, therapy, etc. Those I do take as well, but if there were no messengers for the spirits, like yourself, I’d be in a horrible place today.

I Hope all is well for you, your family. I’d love to come down for our next appt. in person. I envy that you can look to a passed loved one & hear them & of their particular heavens. I’m sure it’s difficult, but I’d give anything to be able to do this myself & get a clear response from my Dad or other loved ones, even just once.

Wishing you all the best and thank you, so much!

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