At the time when my husband first passed, I could not see, think, or feel as my heart was so very broken. Someone said to me you have to call Vicki Monroe. She will definitely help you. There is no one like her and you will begin to feel an inner peace and she will connect with your husband. They were right.

I contacted Vicki extremely distraught and Vicki, to my surprise, answered the telephone. Her guidance from my husband was incredible. She gave me a sense of comfort which was difficult to reach at that time. How did Vicki ever know what was in my home to sell and what I had to do in order to sell my home and begin to learn how to live my life without my husband.

She mentioned specific furniture and never was in my home as I live in Florida. When Vicki said my husband said “look around the house and sell those things” and that the house would sell in the spring which it did. Oh My!! Vicki has been a blessing in my new life.

With Vicki’s guidance through my sessions with her, I am learning how to live again and am becoming a whole person. One day, I want to meet Vicki (with my new future love! Yes, I never thought I would love again but it is just right around the corner.!!) AND I welcome it (my second soulmate) as I never thought I would feel like this again.

Vicki, for all you do for people, you deserve many many blessings!! You are an angel and I thank you.

Ann from Florida

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