Hello Vicki,

It was great to see you, it’s been a while. Our group is keeping me so very busy. I just wanted to say I loved your show and how you work to give messages. You could easily be a stand up comic as well, love it very much. You make people feel very at ease. I was amazed at how many people at your show, it’s the first time I had ever been to something like this. I have seen tv shows like this but never in person. We have some in our group who kept asking me about you and your events. They know I know you and have had readings but I had no idea about your events. This time when they asked me I decided to go, so now I can tell them about your show. I really love how you make it very uplifting and inspiring for those who go to your show.

Hey the 3 people who I sat with all live very close to us. How cool was that? We were able to talk and share our experiences.

It was great to see you and I loved your event.

Hey, if you ever decide to have a side job as a stand up comic let me know I will buy a ticket, you are very good.

Great show, loved it very much.

Take care and God Bless,

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