I took your advice and finally saw a doctor. She really helped me. It has been a long journey with these health issues, let me tell you. Words do not do justice in saying how great this doctor is. She is a true healer. I am very thankful. I’m so so glad I went to see her.

She is a holistic healer. She specializes in acupuncture and herbs. After careful examination she found that the main issue (which was the most painful and I didn’t even feel it until she pressed on the area) was with my gallbladder and then pancreas followed by my liver and then other parts of my body because of a chain like reaction from not addressing my initial issue. She explained that I had great anger very deeply embedded from my childhood. And she is helping me to release all of it.

All in all I just wanted to let you know that you’re initial reading on me was correct. You were spot on with the gallbladder first and then the pancreas. You’re amazing. Thank you so much!

I appreciate you Vicki. You’re the best that I have come across with what you do. Hands down.

Thank you,

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