July’s Inspirational Thoughts & Quotes

Summer is moving so fast, and I love this wonderful time of year. After a long and very cold winter, the windows can be opened, the porch is ready to be used, my garden is filling with fresh veggies and herbs, and my farm continues to grow.

I am forever thankful for the wonderful clients that return yearly for their sessions and to the many that I now call friends. To you all that have been following me all these 20 something years I thank you.My schedule was constantly being cancelled and rescheduled this year, many times for reasons beyond my control – power outages, snow filled driveways, sick grandchildren, and taking care of my family when they all came down with flues and viruses. I wish to thank all who had to change their dates and time sometimes more than once for your understanding and compassion. You are just the best people in the world.

I hope that you are all enjoying these warmer months and taking time to care for yourselves, both physically and spiritually. My messages this month follow. Through meditation I am working on another book, “Heaven Hears You”. These quotes are in the new book and I will continue to share them each month. I love feedback and if you have an inspirational quote you would like to share please send it our way!

These two quotes I just love and I hope you will too!


May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon. And when you play like this long enough, may you hear them whisper back, Heaven Hears You.


To me being Spiritual means whispering to trees, laughing with the flowers, falling in love with sunsets, consulting with the water and worshipping the stars.
One hand to my heart.
One hand to the Earth.
And Pixie Dust, as much as you can carry. Sprinkle it as far as your mind can carry you!


Happy July everyone!
Love and light,

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