My wife and myself went to a show of Vicki’s in Ogunquit, Maine a while back. We paid in cash, sat in the corner in the dark, I was a skeptic.

Both my parents had passed away about 6 months earlier. During the first half of the show Vicki turned and looked right at me and said, “Margaret and Marjorie”. Someone from the other side of the room yelled Maggie and she turned towards them.

During the second half of the show she again turned and looked right at me and said this time, “George and Sadie”. Again someone yelled, but Vicki said no, and pointed at me. I told her that Margaret was my mother and Marjorie was her twin sister and George was my father and Sadie was his mother, my Grandmother.

She went on to say things that no one in that room would have known. She turned me from a skeptic to a believer. I will be ever grateful. Thank you Vicki.

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