I received the book right away and I thank you so much for the gift it has bestowed upon me. At the time I felt a sense of urgency when I ordered the book, I believe that is why everything played out the way it was suppose to… funny how life can be like that sometimes (especially when you least expect it). All my life I have been aware of what some may call whispers in the ear sort to speak, but until resent events have had my emotions so tied up I had lost that ability and my senses had become dull. Upon receiving your first email I had a faint feeling by the way your writing style was like mine when we both have our thoughts ahead of our fingers, one of my fathers traits as well. I did indeed feel some funny connection as well. As I was reading your thoughts “friends in another time” I found myself getting wet eyed, now what was that all about (one of life’s mysteries). After reading the first four sections I found my senses starting to come back, not fully mind you but a better clarity was starting to take place. Then this morning out of nowhere I had a dream that my eyes were glued shut and I was forcing them to a partially open… see there is the sign of my senses fighting to the surface. Again thank you for the pleasant emails I’ve enjoyed them and being back of my re-awakening moment, still moving forward and my final comment is “Things will never be the same.”


Billie Jo


Thank YOU for your time this afternoon and giving Steve and I such a wonderful session!! It is so comforting hearing that our lives are on course and our loved ones are still with us, watching over us… guiding us in their subtle ways!!

It was the BEST, Vicki… Thank You So Much!!

Love and Hugs 😀



I just want to say thank you for the amazing reading. It gave me so much comfort to finally speak with my father. During the reading our daughter Grace came through and this was so incredible!!

Just a few weeks before my reading with you I spoke with an animal communicator for my cats and my daughter also came through but I was not prepared for the information at the time. But speaking with my father and knowing that I came from parents who truly do love has allowed me to believe in myself again. The reading answered many questions that I’ve had and I look forward to having another reading in the future.

I wish you the best in this coming New Year and thank you for sharing your gift.