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First and foremost, it’s important that all people consult with their physicians or health care providers about any specific questions regarding their health and medications, particularly before taking any action.

Questions of This Season’s Cold and Flu

Q:  I am suffering from persistent blocked nose and sneezing.  There is a lot of phlegm when I cough.

A:  You might want to try some sort of vaporizer and or a saline nasal spray to help clear your nasal passages.  The water vapor from a vaporizer should also help with the phlegm, if it is a dry phlegm.  Check the color.  If it’s clear, white or pale, if an infection, it may be viral, and antibiotics may not be necessary.  If it’s green or yellow, brown or bloody, accompanied by any of of these symptoms — chills, fevers, chest pains, or other related health issues — you might need antibiotics.  In these cases, contact your doctor for the appropriate medication.


Q:  I have a cold and stuffy nose with a dry, sore throat.  What can I do or take so I feel better at work during the day?

A:  The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases list these strategies that may relieve cold symptoms:  Get plenty of rest; drink adequate amounts of fluids; Gargle with warm salt water; Use cough drops or throat sprays.  The Food and Drug Administration lists these cough and cold medicines that may relieve cold symptoms: Nasal Decongestants–unplug a stuffy nose;  Expectorants–loosen mucus so it can be coughed up;  Antihistamines–lessen or stop runny noses and sneezing;  Pain Relievers–reduce fever, headaches and minor aches and pains.  Its important to read labels on all over-the-counter therapies and medications, or should  not be used by certain patients.  It’s particularly important to consult your physician or health care provider about any specific question regarding their health and medications, particularly before taking any action.


Q:  What can I  use for a cough caused by post-nasal drip?

A:  This is a very good observation.  Most people, including health care providers do not realize that most often cough due to colds are caused by post nasal drip.   American College of Chest Physicians recommends an antihistamine-decongestant combination to the the first line therapy to treat acute cough due to colds.  Studies have shown naproxen, and possibly other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, can also be used to control cough caused by common colds because it may reduce inflammation.  Antihistamines such as Claritin (loratidine) and Zyrtec are effective.


Q:  What are the signs that you are definitely contagious to others when you are ill?

A:  One  of the most important issues is what is actually causing the illness.  You could be contagious from a cold, and infections of some sort, or other health issue  There are a few ways to know for certain whether you are contagious without going to see a doctor.  For example, if you have a problem such as an  upper respiratory infection, it can be possible to spread the infection-especially if you have a fever. If you feel ill but do not have a fever, you will probably not spread whatever it is that you have to others.  The best way to determine what to do is to check your temperature to see if you have a fever.


Q:  For the past three days my sinus and allergy has been acting up.  My nasal passage has been swollen on the right side, then it switches to the left side, but mostly on the right side.  I blow  and see yellowish green mucus and sometimes blood.   I lose my sense of smell (I lost my sense of smell last summer for about four to five months).  What could this be?  Is it because of my sinuses?  I’ve used Flonase, amoxicillin, and Singulair before.  What should I do?  What should I try next?

A:  Yellow or greenish mucus may be a sign of an infection.  Consult your doctor or health care provider for an evaluation and treatment of mucus changes.  In general, sinus congestion is best relieved by decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine.  However, decongestants can often make people jittery.  They can also increase heart rates and raise your blood pressure.  So, if you have a history of high blood pressure speak to the pharmacist before  taking decongestants.  I personally like Antihistamines better for symptoms like runny nose or sneezing.  Nasal sprays are another option for treating congestions and work quickly to clear nasal passageways.  Medicated nasal sprays should not be used for more than 3 days because of the risk of the rebound effect, which can lead to more congestion.  I recommend a Saline solution.  Although they work slowly, there is not risk of a rebound effect with saline sprays.  Always read and follow the complete directions and warnings on over-the-counter (OTC) medications and discuss their use with your health care provider before using them.


Q: What can you take to eliminate bad breath due to sinusitis?

A:  Bad breath can be caused by infections, such as sinusitis, because the nasal discharge located at the back of your of your throat can give off a bad smell.  To help with this type of bad breath, make sure you talk to your physician and receive treatment if necessary to clear up the infection.  Some general recommendations for preventing or improving bad breath include brushing teeth after eating, flossing once daily at the minimum, brushing the tongue with a  toothbrush or use a tongue scraper, cleaning dentures thoroughly, drinking enough water to keep the mouth moist, changing toothbrushes every three to four months, visiting your dentist on a regular basis, and chewing fresh parsley or sucking on a mint.  Be sure to talk with your health care provider or dentist regarding questions you have about your breath.


I hope this Question and Answer Health blog will help those who have chronic or acute symptoms, and those that will soon be dealing with allergies, as the Spring Season moves closer.  If you have any other questions regarding this topic, please feel free to ask, and I will be happy to share what I would use.  I am a Doctor of Naturology, not an MD, so I therefore cannot prescribe, I can only suggest, and it must work with your physicians own recommendations.  Herbs are medicine, and can be very dangerous when taken or mixed with the wrong OTC medications or prescriptions.  Always consult your physician first.

I use EverydayHealth.com for any questions I may have, or the Prescription to Healthy Living book of herbs.

Cheers to your health and happiness!


Are You As Healthy As You Think?

An Excerpt from: About Healing!

Your Herbal Medicine Choices, Whole- Herb healing or Standardized Plan Constituents?

Clearly, American health care consumers are increasing their use of herbs as natural alternatives to drugs.  Standardizing separate herbal constituents for potency is becoming popular today as herbal manufacturers enter drug-oriented health care markets.  So?  Which Preparation form should you choose?

Whichever herbal preparation form you choose, it is generally more beneficial to take greater amount at the beginning of your program, in order to build a good internal healing base, and to stimulate the body’s vital balancing forces more quickly.  As the therapeutic agents establish and build in the body, and you begin to notice good response and balance returning, less and less of the large initial doses should be taken, finally reducing the dosage to long range maintenance or preventive amounts.

“Parts” are a good way to set a common denominator for building an herbal compound. For individual use, one tablespoon is usually adequate as one “part” when using powdered herbs for filling  capsules; one handful is common as one part for cut herbs in a tea or bath blend.  Herbs can be applied to almost any necessity of life.  It is simply a matter of knowing their properties, how they work together and how to use them correctly.  But herbs are foods, so your body knows how to use them.  Give the herbs time.  Give yourself a good die, some rest and a little less stress for the best results.

For my own herbal medicine garden I have on my own farm, I will list here for you.  Remember, however, that herbs are medicine, and combined with prescription or OTC drugs can have adverse reactions and even cause death.  Always consult with your health care provider before using any new herbal or other medication.

The Herbal Medicine Garden:

From my own experience in growing herbs for my not quite gourmet kitchen, we see how easily herbs are to grow.  Many of the best culinary favorites have healing properties.  Because most herbs grow in the wild, and herb garden van be available to almost anyone.  Herbs require minimal care, grow in tiny spaces, (almost all would grow wonderfully in a window box), and are so potent that a little goes a long way.  When I became a doctor of Naturology, it took me back to what I can only imagine our native peoples and newly arriving ancestors must have felt as they planted their food, their medicine, made their concoctions, tinctures, teas and harvested all they could to protect and heal, as well as feed and nourish their families through long harsh winters, and bouts of illnesses that had not been seen on these shores.

I live in an extremely cold climate from November through May with a possibility of warmer here and there.  But in these environments you can plant most herbs in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked.  I recommend raised beds, with bricks for the outer and inner dividers, the bricks even in the coming colder months hold the suns heat, thus letting us eek out a few more weeks of harvesting.  My favorite herb, Basil, however is always brought in before the temps dip below freezing.  This wonderful and delicious herb is just to fragile to with stand anything below 55 degrees, and even then, that’s pushing it.  Boxes simply work the best in my area of the world, and so it is my suggestion.

Herbs are wonderful companion plants, not only for each other, but for other plants in your garden.  They act as natural pesticides, enhance the growth and flavor of vegetables and help keep soil rich. Plant basil with tomatoes to improve flavor and growth, and to repel flies and mosquitoes.  Don’t however plan it anywhere near rue.

I plant mostly carrot family herbs.  Dill, fennel, chervil, coriander (cilantro) and parsley are easy to grow from seeds.  Plant these herbs directly into the garden or pot in which they are going to grow because they don’t like being transplanted.  Annual herbs such as borage, and non-woody perennials like lemon balm, feverfew, chives, elecampane, pennyroyal or sweet violet usually reseed themselves.  Woody perennial herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme don’t self-seed very well and produce far fewer off spring.  And some plants plants, like mint and tarragons don’t come up true from seed.  They can only be propagated from cuttings and divisions.   My other best suggestion, is start small.  When planting any garden, research and find the best quality herbs and vegetables you can.  In most cases some nice sunshine and healthy rain can bring about a bountiful harvest.  Whether large or small.  Herbs can be a wondrous and healthful, and a welcome addition to your diet, and your landscape.  Cheers!

News, updates, and very cool things!

Happy early summer everyone! Here in the New England, hazy August days have begun in May, and I haven’t heard anyone complain! And if they do, I quickly give the, “It could be 30 below right now!” And amazingly people wake up to the fact that being creatures of habit, we have a habit of complaining. We complain about weather, food, parents, kids, spouses, chores, heck the other day, someone was complaining because they needed to go to the bathroom and do the do! Which I never do! “Is that getting to personal?”

My motto now, yes it changes often, is be grateful. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have clothes? Food? Love of family or friends? But…not lots of money…then you are indeed a twice blessed soul. Family, friends, health, and love, without a lot of the other stuff, which to me, just feels like clutter…are so much better off. So rather than get up in the morning, seeing a rain shower, say thank you! The earth needs it. If the sun is beating hot and dry, say thank you. The earth needs the heat! Someone is making you annoyed? Say thank you for the lesson in patience. And that walking away from negative can always be a good thing. Say thank you to your life. No matter what your purpose, your journey, your path, whether it makes sense at this juncture or not, it’s where you need to be. The signs change soon, even while we are unaware of it. I find the sooner we stop feeling the victims of others, which I have in my life, made myself an alienated person, not from anyone else but my own ridiculous imagination, and then believed it, sending good friends far away, and sometimes away forever. For what? Status? You can have all the status in the world, but if you can’t find happiness in you, by you, then what does status do? Nothing. You are responsible for your happiness, no one else has that job, nor should they be felt that they are. Our life is our own. We share ourselves, not inflict ourselves into peoples lives. I have found the quickest way to lose someone that means a lot to you, is to accuse. If you are like most people, we don’t really know the truth, before we act. We assume, and assume some more, and by the time we are done, we have a conviction, with out any real truth. This month’s mantra…”Believe in you, you are the one responsible for your own happiness,” say it whenever you are about to flip someone off because they pulled in front of you, or you lost a parking place. Now…I wave, and smile! Enemies you create, be kind to…if you are lucky they will forgive you. If they don’t, then you did your best. Your karma is clear. Grudges never! Let them go. Bitterness…ladies…leads to Botox! Let that go! Fast! Remember to dream. Summer for me, is the most magical time of year. The dragon flies, the fire flies, they light my 40 acres at night as if I were walking into a fairy land filled with white sparkling starts all around you. The smell of the sea, and the fragrant flowers on this piece of ground I so worship, let it be your sanctuary. No matter a city, a suburb, a small apartment, or single room, make it yours. Make it a place you want to see, and be one with. In a nut shell, live live, love it, and let laughter be what you start the day with and end the day with. Then…you are living a blessed life.

Some cool things happening! Check out my Calendar page this week when the new updates are put up. I am heading to Switzerland and France in June. My annual tour there! Love the people, and wonderful friends I have there now. Can’t wait to see them and meet new ones. In July taping for HBO begins, can’t reveal anymore, but to say the least, I’m very happy, and very grateful to have been blessed with this job. Summer months are filling up with dates for 10-20 person groups. And individual readings. So if you are in the mood for a session, take that opportunity. Or…join me at the Dash of Diva in Portland on October 22nd! Last years event was a huge success! Check out my Calendar page for the information. Also in October, on the weekend of Halloween, what started my career in this field, has been requested again! I’m doing a large event in Kennebunkport, a gorgeous seacoast village town. The place, a one I know well, haunted and charming, The Nonantum is the place to be on October 29th. Call and reserve your seats for this only type of event in 2010! The environment will be electric, and ethereal. Find yourself taking a step back in time. And as you listen to the family members and friends of past loved ones speaking clearly and concisely to you, through me, find your mind opening to a world of new possibilities. Opening your mind, and sharing the experience with others who are their to learn and find that loved one they thought they lost is a wonderful experience. For more information, contact my office at 207-499-1089. Or contact Tim at the Nonantum, 967-4050, extension 651 for room availability. It will truly be an unforgettable weekend and a memory that you will cherish for a life time. Also look for my new book, co-written with my amazing friend and talented writer, Laura DiDio, “The Conduit”, out this winter! Hope you all are able to listen to my Monday night radio show on the PARA-X.Radio.com station. “Dying to Be Heard!” It’s now become one of the most successful shows on the network, as well as the CBS and KAPS radio. Also you can listen to my read people dialing in from their homes and the sides of the road on their cells to 99.9 THE WOLF, with Dave and Michelle! We take your calls from 6:00 Am to 8:00 AM. Fun and fulfilling as the tears can be heard on air, tears of joy that is! To all of you that have been in my life before now, you are cherished, to those in my life now, you are cherished, and to those I haven’t met yet….you are the same! All are cherished beings in my life, and I thank you for all you have done to make me a better person, medium, writer, and friend. My love reaches to you all, across the ocean and beyond!

Summer joy from me to you!

It’s time all of this stopped!!!

I’m not sure if many of you have heard the latest developments on Sylvia Browne, but I have stated for years now, that she was a fraud. Now low and behold, it has been made official. All you have to do to check this out, is go to “Psychics,” on Google, and you will see all of the YouTube videos of her horrible readings and sessions. Those websites that claim to know the real deal, and the investigator that gives a bogus test to put “REAL PSYCHIC MEDIUMS” on their list, that is also a joke! People pay to be on this site, and trust me, they pay alot of money! I’m sick to my stomach at the thought of so many people listening to this site, and many of the others associated with him, I had to finally speak out. He even has her listed as one of the “real ones,” and also has John Edward, George Anderson, James Van Praagh, and many others, whom he doesn’t even know. Please be cautious! He is running on now about call in lines, etc…when the people on his site are nothing more than pay for ads! Be cautious! People are smart enough to know what is real, and what is not. You cannot test someone! They either are, or they aren’t! It’s all a scam for money. I don’t want any more people taken advantage of by these sites. While intentions may be good, they aren’t helpful if they are not factual. Everyone…if someone says they are the only legitimate site, then that’s a red flag! See for yourself, the person that draws you to them. Sylvia Browne has made a fortune off the heartache of families and the mistakes are to numerous to mention. This person has her listed as one the best, that right there, should tell you, he has no idea! I’m glad that I disassociated myself years ago. If these mediums were smart, they would leave too! I believe very strongly that it’s going to blow up, and the mediums that are true and honest should look now, before they lose their good name, due to greed and the simple words he uses, “I personally tested each one.” So? What kind of test? And what does that mean? Answers close enough to your liking, or spot on! I don’t want any more people pulled in by these types of websites. Be warned, it’s not over until we stop people from using famous people’s names, some who have no idea they are, and when they are, they end up being as fake and phoney has the person who claims they are the only one that knows the real deal. Well…that just fell through, now didn’t it. I hope everyone hears my words, and knows, I do what I do for those that need me. And no one is ever completely accurate. But the mediums that I know are special people indeed, they are humble, kind, compassionate individuals who really are what they have been chosen to be. A voice between two worlds. Trust your instincts, and you will know. I send this message with care, and truth.

In light,