Heaven is Home!

Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit Event

Happy Spring Everyone… Thought I would start out the warmer months with a touch of humor. Now many of you might think of Heaven in a different way. The pearly gates, St. Peter, and all the pomp and circumstance that comes from the Biblical version.

It might come as a surprise to many that Heaven is, on the contrary, completely different! Heaven is a fantastic, fun, loving, compassionate, patient, tolerant, and above all things non-judgmental world.

Heaven is so many things, and all are familiar to you as a Spiritual being, because, that it what you REALLY ARE. The human body is, simply put, organic matter that houses the soul so that we may fulfill the plan we chose in Heaven. Yes we choose our lives, not just in some ways, but all ways. Your life is created by your soul on the other side, where wisdom reigns supreme. Where love is all. Where judgment is based on our own personal performances as a human. But we are not human. We are spiritual beings living a temporary human existence.

And while here, your spirit will guide you – if you listen. The soul resides in your gut, the place where you would feel a first response. Now normally being in a human body, the soul has its work cut out for it, as the moment your born into a human life, you are being bombarded by outside opinions. You must think this. Believe that. Practice this. NOT SO!

When you are born, you are of pure light. And while of that pure light, it takes a long time to hinder what we know as truth to what the physical believes is right. Remember the physical is a temporary thing, but your soul is forever. Soul memory is very common, and we all have experienced it. It’s the reason you meet someone and feel an instant love of someone, a connection your physical self cannot explain, but the feelings are so wonderful that you don’t care.

It can also flip and the feeling you have may be one of complete disdain… and again, you have no idea why? I’ve never met this person, and yet “I can’t stand them,” Simple… you knew them before, and they are here to clear negative karma, or to add more good karma.

All things are based on what we have done and lived in other life times. Now that you know you chose this life, and everything in it, you realize that you still have choices in how you react to this plan of yours. If you can see and accept that you are responsible for this life, then no matter what comes your way, difficult or delightful, all are a part of your journey here, and your reactions can help or hinder your progress.

For example… if a negative situation arises, we can see it as a terrible thing! Why is this happening to me? I must be off my path! I don’t know what to do, or where to go to next? Sound familiar? We have all been there, and have all felt this at one time or another. The point is our reaction to this can either keep us in the negative or move us forward, with a valuable lesson learned, that in our next existence will not need to be repeated. So our reactions are everything in life.

Even during the worst day, when you just can’t think of anything good, I suggest, once you are in your bed, try to calm yourself and think back on that day. Sometimes the only good thing that happened was that first cup of coffee. Maybe the sky was very blue, or you noticed a flower that was in bloom. The point is to be thankful for something before you sleep each night. That way, when you wake in the morning, the negative is not prevalent. You are awake, and with that, you have another chance at a better day, and a chance to change your reactions.

Trust me… when this life is done, and we chose that too, you do not want to look back on a life that had regrets. You want to look back on the chances you took, the friends you made, the people you forgave. It’s all about your choices and what you were to others that matters most.

Heaven is home, and we all return to this magical place where all dreams come true. Life should not be feared. This isn’t your first rodeo, my friends. And more than likely you will choose to live again, and once on the other side again, all memory returns of who and what we really are. We are a being that has existed since the beginning of time. Take heart in knowing that we are all equal, both here and there. Lets live in joy!

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Happy Spring!

Much love and light!
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