Happy June everyone!

Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit Event

I hope this spring has been kind and peaceful to you all. I love this time of year. All things that were asleep during the long cold of winter, especially here in New England, are waking and smiling as the warm sun touches them. The new babies on the farm are being born and loving life to the fullest.

It’s the time of year for taking things slower, worrying less, being outside and letting nature take us away from our very busy lives. I love taking time out of my busy day, heading out to my pastures, smelling the freshly cut hay, seeing the chickens and their new little ones learning how to scratch and play. Seeing the birds busy making their nest and awaiting their newly arriving babies.

I love nature walks, they are not only relaxing, but they are extremely beneficial for your health… in older times, this type of walk, being barefoot and feeling the grass under your feet, sea sand, or whatever your ground is, was called “Earthing”. The earth has tremendous power within it, and it is our Mother. Not only does she supply all of our needs, she brings us earth healing. Just 10 minutes a day outside can have wonderful healing to our emotions.

When going on these walks, take a moment before beginning and smell the air, let your worries go. Feel the breeze on your face, let nature heal your mind body and spirit. Nature is my church. All I need in my prayers is to step outside and seek the guidance of mother earth. Think of your Earthing walks as a time of reflection, but also a time to get to know your neighbors that live in the trees. That wake you with their lovely songs. See the seeds that are dropped from the trees, feel them under your feet. Observe what nature offers you…. when we live with the earth our spirits are so much louder. Stronger. They communicate with us every day, this will help you find what you seek. Listen to the song of Mother Earth and she will never disappoint.

A quick reminder!

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Many blessings of love and light,
Vicki Monroe
Spiritual Counselor
Spirit Messenger
Paranormal and Mystical Investigator


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