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New This Month

Along with our One Hour Phone Session and Half Hour Phone Sessions, we are now offering Email Readings. For details on what these Email Sessions entail, please call our office at 207-499-1089 or send an email.

Our One Hour In-Person Sessions are filling up fast, and these are done only on Mondays, so if that is something you want to do, give us a call or email us to schedule your own in-person sit down with me.

Herbs of the Month – Dealing with Burns

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July’s Inspirational Thoughts & Quotes

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In Love and Light!
Vicki Monroe
Spirit Messenger
Inspirational Speaker

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Personal Sessions

Vicki conducts Personal Sessions for up to three people via Phone or Skype.

Be sure to fill out the disclosure form prior to scheduling your appointment.

Visit her website for the details!


Psychic and Cold Case Investigations

Vicki also assists with Psychic and Psychic Cold Case Investigations when requested by the families and law enforcement officials involved.

If you’re involved in either an ongoing investigation or a closed case and you’d like more information on how Vicki can help, click here to read more.


Would you like to have an Event in your area?

Contact Vicki’s office ( to make a request!


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