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I must admit, change was something I THOUGHT I enjoyed.  As a child we always wanted to be teenagers. Then as that age comes faster than we realized we cannot wait to be in our twenties, and when that age arises and I was having my family I couldn’t wait for my infants to be toddlers, toddlers to be of school age, etc… you get the picture.

So often we look for the future to find happiness rather than to see what is right in front of us. Life moves ever faster and we are all trying to catch up to the new things, new ways, new ideals, new everything.

As my 57th birthday approaches I find myself looking back on my life. The times I wanted to race by so I could enjoy the next step. Looking back I realize I really did enjoy each and every one of those steps at that time, but refrained I think, I was so busy thinking about the future events I may have missed moments that were precious. I’m not saying I did it often, but it’s worth noting that in life it is the moments we didn’t plan for that end up being our greatest memories.

I loved being a wife and mom. I still love it. I find it to be my greatest accomplishment. Raising decent human beings means something now more than ever. Being a loving wife and partner is incredible. Being kind, it matters more than you know. Having patience… (still working on that), because honestly, what purpose does getting so riled up about a driver in front of you who may go slower than the speed limit.

Dinner running a little late, or a pile of laundry that has yet to be folded. It will be there, and you will get to it. These are not end all things. But now a days they seem to be. We pile so many unnecessary demands on ourselves that create so much stress it boggles the mind. I do it too, but quickly try to pull myself back in to check. That I believe comes with age. I find I have much more patience with my 4 grandchildren than I did with my own kids. But that I hear is a common thing.

I just celebrated 37 years of marriage with a trip to the UK, a dream trip that I have wanted to take for as long as I can remember. It was a change that I loved! It’s completely natural to compare one place to another, and while there, I found myself feeling so familiar in some places and in others not much at all. But the change was the slowness of the pace, life was just as busy as it was here, but the movement, the conversations, the communing with society without a cell phone in hand was so inspiring to me! I will go back the first chance that I get, it was that much of a rejuvenation to my soul, my heart my entire being. I felt at home there as much as I did just being in my own home on this lovely farm that I cherish.

As the seasons change and Autumn is moving into New England, the leaves are falling and the colors that cover the landscape will be breath taking. Nature knows change better than anyone. Autumn is the time where nature shows us that letting go can be spectacular!

I look at this time of year as a new beginning, a time to let go of past things that no longer serve me well. A time to let old habits die, and replace them with something better.

You don’t need to change everything all at once. That is another stressful situation that you don’t need. It no longer serves you. Think small when making changes, baby steps get you there more permanently than giant steps. Have faith in yourself, you can do anything you wish. Nothing can stop you from making your life better. Only your thoughts can do that. Remember, what you think, you become.

I embrace the changes that will come and are here now. I live each day with love, after all the only constant in this life at all… is that change will come. Be grateful for today, tomorrow can change everything. Be happy and grateful when things are good, so that if and when something not so good happens you can move quickly through it, knowing this situation will not last either and good comes again.

Enjoy the seasons as they come.  Enjoy life as it moves along.  And know that time changes as you will change. Find happiness in the little things for those moments are what define your life.

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Happy Autumn!

Love and light,
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