Happy May!

Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit Event

Old Energy is clearing.  New Energy is entering.  Great things are coming!

Yes great things are coming, my friends. May is not only for New Englanders the first official sign of Spring, but a most welcome time of renewal and rebirth. Not only are we breaking out into the great outdoors, leaving our winter hibernation, feeling the warmth of the sun that hasn’t been felt since November, we are welcoming back old friends.

I woke this morning to the sound of the Canadian Geese landing in my pond, the quacking of arriving ducks as well as the peepers (small frogs) that have come up from the depths of the once frozen pond, now come back to life.

Although the temperature is only 46 today, and the rain has been on and off for days, the grass is green, the leaves are budding and my forsythia is blooming. My flower beds are calling my name, as well as my vegetable beds. This time of year brings me hope. It gives me pause that as hard as this winter was, and it was unusually difficult, I find hope. Positive feelings, even more so than I normally have.

We all have a season that brings us that up kick in our emotions. Christmas is always that way for me, the lights, the tree, and all the wonderful smells of rich food, but that’s a different pleasure. Spring and Summer bring about a different change. With the sun light, the breezes, and the sky filled with stars, it’s a new world. What was once sleeping beneath the cold of the earth, is now peeking out, showing that life will always go on. Nature will always find away to come back.

Just as the earth has a soul, so do we all. And as the earth renews is spiritual energy with the coming Summer, remember that we also live, die, and live again.  Nothing lasts forever.

Time will change all things, but take heart in knowing that good will always overcome, and your reaction to all things is entirely up to you! I choose the glass to remain always half full or over flowing. Never empty. We are our thoughts so make them healthy, happy and full of love.

Happy Mother’s day to all the Mothers out there!

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Enjoy the Spring!

Much love and light!
Vicki Monroe
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