7 Prayers For November!

Vicki Monroe at Jonathan's Ogunquit Event

1. May your health improve.

2. May your friends be blessed.

3. May your family be loved.

4. May your Finances multiply.

5. May your pains be less.

6. May your worries disappear.

7. May you be blessed.

Feel free to share this as often as possible. The more we share kindness, love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and do so without judgment, we are allowing our spirits to be what we were meant to be. Wingless Angels with so much to offer.

This month, take time to find peace in your heart. A peaceful heart can transform even the most difficult days into blessings.

Remember every day that you wake IS A BLESSING. It means you are here for a purpose, even when you feel there isn’t one. Know how important you are to this universe. There is no one like you, you are a light in a sky of millions of stars… your purpose is just as great as anyone else’s.

Know your value. Love yourself. When you love yourself, you open up yourself for others to love you as well. Have patience with yourself. You are walking a very specific path meant just for you.

During this month of Thanksgiving, feel grateful for you! You are a wonderful and beautiful being, one unique spirit. One amazing light.

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I am also doing In-person Sessions throughout the Winter as long as the weather holds. These are done on Mondays only. Phone Sessions will continue at the discounted rate.

Portland Monthly Magazine

One last thing…

I was very honored to be listed as one of the 10 Most Intriguing People in Maine, in November’s Issue of Portland Monthly Magazine!

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Much love and light!
Vicki Monroe
Spirit Messenger
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