Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “psychic/medium”?

A psychic/medium can be one or the other, and for many, both. Many have their own definitions for what this means. For me personally it’s a way for my mind to open to a vast space where I am able to hear, see, and watch future events, past experiences, and give aid and guidance from the other side to the client I am speaking with. I use this as a tool in my work. It can be reprogrammed into anyone, as we are all born with the knowledge. As time passes, the physical body can become tainted, or polluted by the exterior influences causing the human being to become more in charge, rather than keeping a balance between that invaluable gut feeling, which is spirit trying to aid you. My words for anyone who is feeling that pull from both sides, “When in doubt, say no!” That doesn’t mean forever, it may just mean, “Not yet.”

What is a “psychic cold case investigation”?

Psychic cold case investigation is usually associated with law enforcement investigations in which the body of a victim has been found or is missing and presumed dead. “Cold cases” are cases that have been open for an extended period of time with no definitive leads from traditional CSI. Law enforcement and families contact psychic cold case investigators to try to produces leads in these cases. Psychic Cold Case Investigation is conducted by contacting the victim on the other-side. This contact can help to produce leads in finding necessary evidence, crime scene or bodies. Psychic Criminal Cold Case Investigation can also provide an opportunity for a family to find closure with a tragic event.

What is a “psychic investigation”?

A psychic investigation is similar to a psychic cold case investigation; however, the person that is being searched for can still be living (usually in psychic cold case investigation the victim is presumed dead). A psychic investigation is performed by a psychic/medium retracing every step of the missing person using the guides that surround the missing person to help locate the person or provide insight to the situation. Psychic investigation is a service that can be provided by skilled psychic/mediums to help locate runaways, missing persons, and to shed light in areas were traditional investigation has fallen short. The psychic/medium will perform this service by using their guides and the guides of the person(s) involved in the situation. Psychic investigation can also be used to determine if a missing or abducted person is still alive.

What is the difference between “psychic cold case investigation” and “psychic investigation”?

Psychic cold case investigation is usually associated with law enforcement investigations in which the body of a victim has been found or is missing and presumed dead. A psychic investigation is very similar to a psychic cold case investigation, but the person that is being searched for can still be living.

Do the spirits of our loved ones miss us?

I would love to tell you, “Absolutely,” but they do see us daily, and whenever we think or speak their name, they are here for us. As they put it, “What’s to miss?” I mean they couldn’t be with us all the time when they had bodies, and face it, some people who weren’t so pleasant you wouldn’t want around. But when the body passes, it leaves the negative debris behind. The soul is incapable of cruelty, but the physical is. Souls that cross love more than they could remember in the body, the power of it is so overwhelming, and yet so natural. We don’t lose anyone. It’s a peaceful transition, and one that upon each persons time, is welcomed.

Can you contact a specific relative?

Only if they choose to be here. And in my case when reading a client, the person that is most wanted, without my knowledge, does show up, but not always. Sometimes there is a period of learning going on with the one left behind that was unfinished, and they have this time to rethink it. To see what was, is now a time of renewed life. A time to grow and begin again. And in time the soul that is wanted will show up.

How do I know if a passed loved one is trying to contact me?

Signs of loved ones are everywhere. From a simple flower falling just as your eyes catch it, this petal being one that their loved one cherished; to a cloud formation in the sky; a voice or whisper; scents of perfume, cologne, pipe and cigar smoke. Some have seen birds that have never been seen before, and others find pennies where they didn’t have them. Just a sense of feeling that they are around is all you need. If you feel it, trust in them and in you, that they are right there where you need them to be.

What is a reading with you like?

A reading with me really is just relaxing, and I hope, in the end, an enjoyable time where old times are remembered, and laughter is shared as well as a sense of clearing up old issues that have been weighing us down. That loved ones can ease their families minds. And to know they are with them, giving validations such as names of friends, new children just born, places, objects, anything that will trigger for the client a knowing that they are literally conversing with their friends and family from the other side.

How does being a psychic/medium help other people?

From my own experiences dating back to age 3, I have seen a great shift in this genre. From one of fear and fairground freak shows to real, honest to goodness conversations with loved ones on the other side. I know this because I have lived it. No one can understand the difficulty of growing up in a world where humans are everywhere chatting and enjoying, as I have done, add that picture to each person I see having at least 3 spirit guides living in the heavenly world, yet just a sheer curtain to where we are. They are hammering in my ear, lovingly, but forcefully. I tell them, I can’t do this in the middle of the airport, grocery store, mall, etc., and within a matter of weeks the souls that had spoken to me have influenced their living loved ones to somehow find me. They come to me, some afraid, some skeptical, and some more excited than receiving that first coin, or now a days a twenty dollar bill from the tooth fairy! I see anxiety as they sit rigid on my sofa and in my chairs, and as the words and names and lifetimes events come pouring through, my stock in Kleenex tissue rises even more! LOL But seriously, the fear and sadness and brows drawn down in grief are lifted, and as they leave, they talk and chat about how Dad still has that personality, and Mom is dancing again, “How wonderful!” They realize that the signs I give, and even some of the more direct things, they have already felt, but were to afraid to believe in them. Now they can leave with a sense of peace, joy, and more importantly, a knowing that their family is more alive now than ever before. That is such a rewarding feeling for me. To bring peace of mind, a new chance to take the fear of this process away, and a solid foundation that their loved ones will make curtain calls! And my clients are never so happy to hear it. When you can bring that much validity to a session, they leave knowing they just had a conversation with their families. I can’t imagine a better feeling for people than that.

How do you use your psychic/medium abilities for cold case and psychic investigation?

When a client calls or emails me, I make certain that I am completely focused on any feelings I am receiving from the spirit that has crossed over. In CSI cases, it is a closed case, or has been pushed aside as nothing was found or determined to bring it to trial. That is when families and friends contact me. I am flown to the area of the victims last known residence and am able to move about freely, often with a private investigator or officer. We go over everything that I see and hear, and determine a possible location of the victim that is aided greatly by the victim themselves. By showing themselves to me, I can ease the families minds, just knowing that their loved one is not be tortured or suffering. But that are very much alive and well, beautiful and healthy on the other side. This is when I have the most information; it’s the spirits that lead me to their location, or location of the body. In this sense it’s describing a PSI case, when the psychic is able to immediately connect with the soul. This would not be a CSI, but they are similar. CSI, they are closed, and the family needs closure. And I work very closely with federal and local authorities. In Psychic cases, the spirit is much more involved in helping me find the truth of the killer, and how, and why? They are quite similar, in that respect. But both require so much from the families. I try and bring them peace of mind as best I can, and a knowing that their loved no matter the condition of the body at the time of removal from the place of death. But also a chance to let the family heal and go through the process of grieving.

Can mediumship be taught?

I know there are a lot of so-called psychics that say they are giving classes to teach people to become more psychic, and I for one can tell you, with the utmost certainty, that is not true! Do not waste your money on these scams — and that is all they are. I have been fortunate enough to hear from many victims of this practice where a so-called psychic has done workshops to teach people in 4 weeks to be a psychic/medium. This is the truth, plain and simple: You either have it, or you don’t! People are born with certain extraordinary abilities, but depending on the environment they were raised in, schools, religion, they can set you up to lose that ability all together. Or if your spirit remains strong, and the ability remains throughout adolescence, you are the real deal. So be very careful of the “New Graduates or Certified Psychic/Mediums.” It’s not the way this works. You either have it or you don’t. But that doesn’t mean each person doesn’t have a unique quality, or that people who are naturally psychic are better than anyone else. This entire field has gone over the top with so-called mediums that can do all of these incredible things. Some pay to be on sites that claim they are the best, supposedly tested by an expert. Who is an expert in this field? NO ONE! It is a constant learning and growing experience. I learn something from my spiritual committee on a daily basis. Life is about learning. Read, meditate, and write; these are the tools that can strengthen your own talents. So save yourself a lot of heartbreak and money! Don’t fall for that “I can teach you how to be a medium,” it’s simply not true.

How do you know if a psychic/medium is legitimate?

The real deal is not going to ask you questions. When inquiring about a psychic/medium never tell the person you are speaking to a single thing about what you are searching for. More simply put, don’t give them anything they can use. People maybe surprised how vulnerable they are when seeking a person to help them with their life, hearing from a lost loved one, pet, etc. The voice is — and pardon the pun — “A dead giveaway!” Also, if they ask for photos of people, and how they are related to you, your credit card number, address, birth date and day you were born, etc., my advice would be to hang up. They can access so much information from just a simple phone number. When I book an appointment I ask for only a first name, date and time for our session, and a cell phone. Nothing that is traceable. My biggest suggestion, listen to your gut. “When in doubt, say no!”


Psychic Abilities & Spiritual Beings

Do you have to use a psychic/medium to talk to your loved ones who have passed?

I am fortunate enough not to have to ask another medium to speak to my loved ones, and like the rest of us, I don’t always like or agree with what they have to say…but I also know enough to listen. They are our guides in aiding us in living this particular chapter in the novel of our lives. It would be careless for us not to listen.

What is a “spiritual healer”?

That’s a tough one for me. I use my education in Natural Medicines and my seeing of spirit to help heal people, diagnose problems, etc. I think there are many different modalities of spiritual healing. Meditation is a form for me. Acupuncture can be a form. Anytime the spirit becomes more engaged and revived through whatever modality you choose and you become healthier and wiser, more one with the world around you, and above you through the help of someone else, or by your own hand, healing spirit is something we all can do.

What is the human aura?

I’m really not that familiar with auras. I have seen photos of people in before and after pics, and they are incredible. but from what I do understand, it is the energy that surrounds us, a very telling sign of mood, each color representing where we are at this point. I’m not sure what all the different colors mean. I only know that I was told several times a gold light surrounds me, and at other times a purplish silver. I hope that’s a good thing!

My psychic abilities surface when I least want them to. Can I gain more control?

As to gaining control over your talent, becoming better at it, and finding a tool to help you see your guides who can be anyone, from a past life friend, to a grandmother just passed. We have a variety, and each has a position in the field. They call it the council, and for whatever circumstance we are going through you have lead council changed. The reason for that is at one time, in the human world they too had to deal with the new situation we are facing. So who better to help us than them. The others are still there as co-councils, giving opinions, and sharing the duties. But the best tool that I know to aid us in our own personal development, or even more, taking back what we lost, is through meditation. I prefer guided simply because I like to be told where I am, thus envisioning a place, a sound, and scent. Some can meditate very well with just a sound. The sounds of the sea are very soothing to me. I find that a day near the shore is more relaxing for me than a day at a spa. The sounds, smells, breeze, and water, to me are working in perfect harmony together, and I feel more alive there than anywhere else. And with each person a different sound, scent, place, is for them. So find a meditation and listen first. If you feel a sleepy dream feeling at the start, that is the one for you!

Do you see ghosts all the time?

First of all, they hate that word! They refer to themselves as spiritual beings. But yes, I see them all the time. Airports are a killer for me, as are malls, large buildings with many people of any kind aren’t my idea of fun. I love the serenity of the wide open spaces, and the ability to see even for a moment the beauty of what life offers. Even though I know what I know, I don’t know it all, and I am reminded constantly about that. I have learned to live among them, but I am now able to turn down the volume and the picture (so to speak).


Do You Believe In God?

Do you believe in God?

In my experience, God is not one being, but many facets of creators and beings of such power and energy, so to say it is a one all empowered being is slighting. I really believe as I studied theology in earning my doctorate, that “God” is many things to many people. But the one thing it’s not, is judgmental, damning, cursing, or cruel. These are religious words brought about through time and the ages. Personally I believe the Native Americans, Nomads, and such people had it right. I envision a Mother and a Father, and we are a part of them and of the grander scheme of things. In each life we choose, we search for new experiences, lessons, and positive karma. The God figure has nothing to do with our choices. That is a gift and a test for us. We choose the life we live, and how we deal with it, that’s up to us.

Where is Heaven?

Heaven is but a mere doorway, not above, or below, but out — a world just beyond the average eye. In times of most sadness or joy, it’s the norm for us to look to the sky. It would only seem true, as the Universe is so vast and wide, that a place called Heaven must be there somewhere. But in reality it’s closer than we think, like a sheer curtain that blows in the summer air, one walks through it, and home awaits. Heaven is home. This…is work.

Do mediums belong to a religion?

Not being a religious person, per se, I don’t know. I have, since a very, very young age, wondered why some people would be so mean and hurtful during the week, but after church they would say they had been forgiven. I know I would say to myself, who forgave you? The God person they refer to? Or shouldn’t you be asking the person you are hurting to forgive you? Religion to me is a story with many different endings and beginnings. It’s a story, one that has messages that are valuable, and some just silly! I don’t hold the Bible or religion to be the way we are suppose to live; rather, we are spiritual beings who chose to experience a human existence, and those that have left this world are close by to aid us, if we are willing to listen. I guess that is a question I’ve never been able to wrap around.

Is there any reference to this subject in the Bible?

I’ve never read it; when I tried, it felt very sad and dark to me. I could never get past that whole Adam-gave-up-a-rib-for-Eve thing…last time I checked, we all have the same number of ribs. So that kind of blew that for me. And it was sad and frightening, and it went against everything I saw and knew and heard. The only thing I heard once and I felt it true was when Christ said, “I’ve walked amongst you before, but you didn’t know me.” I instantly took that as a reincarnation example.

Is there a Hell?

No. Hell is another word for personal pain. We all have the ability to make life a success and learn from all that we do, or we allow the Earthly hardships that all face to over take us. That in itself is called Hell. We can all become victim to this. This is another thing I teach. Learn to be your own personal trainer of the highest spiritual level. You are a spirit inhabiting human form, not a human being. And, in knowing that, you are more inclined to listen to your own inner voice.

Do all souls go to Heaven?

Yes, they do. This was always hard for me to say. Many don’t understand that. That spirits that do the worst types of things can actually have an afterlife. Yes, they do, but not in the same respect that a good person would have. A soul — no matter what they have done — will cross, and they will review their lives. Yet they must see this life and feel everything they ever inflicted upon anyone. Can you imagine some of the most hateful crimes against humanity and the souls that were a part of that? They will remain forever in Heaven, on a different level than the rest of us, never allowed to return to correct their mistakes. I would call this a form of Hell. It is not because they are not allowed to change, but the pain they feel is so overwhelming, they choose never to return.

So is Heaven all pearly gates, golden streets and St. Peter?

If you want it to be. Heaven is to each person what they choose. After reviewing your life, you are asked to decide what your Heaven will be, close your eyes and when you open them, you are there. I have chosen a small island in the middle of a beautiful sea of green, white sandy beach, and a warm breeze all the time. I will reflect there on how I can do better in my next life, and I can always see my loved ones that are still in the living. We travel through thought, and can be anywhere we need to be just by thinking of it. What a reward it is!


Other Questions

What was your first real session with a stranger, and how did it affect them?

Vicki worked many years with Mr. Olson and, to this day, is very happy she helped in giving him his first real session that changed him from a skeptic to a knower. Since then, Mr. Olson has gone onto many other paths regarding mediumship. Vicki has gone onto international acclaim as one of the best Spirit Messenger/Psychic Mediums, public speaker, author, as well as a celebrity of radio and television! It is Vicki’s belief that had she not read Mr. Olson that Sunday in January many years ago, neither she nor Mr. Olson would be where they are in their lives and separately aided so many others. Read the first article ever written about Vicki here!

If this is a God-given gift, why do you charge for it?

I’m not always sure it’s a God-given thing, or just a part of my lives that has been a continuation that in spirit I have allowed to be strong, and not turned my back on it. As I said, we are born with this. All of us. But most never continue to develop it, and are void of it by age 6-7. As in anything we do in this world, “Money IS an issue.” I have worked in many fields but have always been steered right back to this. I really had to come to the conclusion that as my job in life, being a person to bring a sense of peace, and calm, knowing, and understanding was a very unique and wonderful gift to give others. And just like other jobs, we offer a service. I had to recognize that I was providing a service, and in that, it was only fair that if this was my job, then I would be compensated.

Can you tell me my future?

Tell your future? From what I understand, and this comes from my guides and many others, the future of your life — in fact, all of it — was written by you and every single soul you come across, even briefly. Whether to clear karma, create new and better karma, face a challenge, or try and just live life in the manner that you feel comfortable, once the soul enters a body you are battling the elements. The path is written, but free will street. It can be a great challenge when we listen to our brains rather than our minds. Your future can change to a degree, but for the most part it stays true, for the beginning, middle, and the end. I can’t personally tell you your future, and I don’t believe that people should tell others they can see their future. I have seen people frightened senseless out of some person on a boardwalk telling them they were going to die in 2 years. That’s awful! Even if you have the ability to see into someone’s future, why would you want to inflict fear into them? It’s not up to us in this area. We die when we are suppose to, but while alive, do what we can, when we can, and live happily.

When did you discover your ability?

When I was three years old. You can read the story of how I discovered it in my first book, Understanding Spirit, Understanding Yourself. I am proud of that book, and was helped by many to make its’ publication happen. My co-author was very integral in this process. I am now writing my third book which will be available soon.

Is there such a thing as a soul mate? Everyone seems to want to find one.

Yes there is, but not on Earth. There are spiritual beings that we fall in love with and admire, who teach us and can have a great influence over us. Some we share our lives with, others we see briefly that impact us greatly, and still others we can call friends for life. But these are not soul mates. They are spirits of past lives that we are bonded to. Our soul mate has never been on the Earth plane. They are what we call our “Split Apart,” at the time of soul creation we separated from each other, one half being in the spirit world forever watching and learning from us, and the rest of us that chose life and its challenges. Our soul mates are the highest form of guides to us. They are the truest form of love.

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