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Psychic Cold Case Investigations

What is a Psychic Cold Case Investigation?

Psychic Cold Case InvestigatorCold case investigation is usually associated with law enforcement investigations in which the body of a victim has been found or is missing and presumed dead.

“Cold cases” are cases that have been open for an extended period of time with no definitive leads from traditional CSI.

Law enforcement and families contact psychic investigators to try to produces leads in these cases. Psychic cold case investigation is conducted by contacting the victim on the other side.

This contact can help to produce leads in finding necessary evidence, crime scene, or bodies. Psychic cold case investigation can also provide an opportunity for a family to find closure with a tragic event.

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Vicki Monroe is a criminal cold case and psychic investigator with a proven track record. She is available to work with private individuals as well as state, local and national authorities. A testimonial of one of Vicki’s cases is listed below:

Vicki MonroeA couple of weeks ago I had recorded Psychic Investigators and watched it at about 1:00 am; of course, my eyes could hardly stay open. As I got ready the following morning I watched and listened intently, the episode on “Finding Amy,” a lovely young woman who fell in the hands of a predator after a night out with a friend, causing the loss of her life. I recently lost my best friend Gloria Marmolejo in July, 2009 and her body was found a week after she had gone missing. Weeks had gone by and my mind was occupied, day in and day out, just thinking when the case will crack wide open. On the other hand, my biggest concern was that her case would end up cold in its tracks and the murderer would run free. As I watched the program, there was a strong pull to watch the episode in its entirety. Vicki Monroe was explaining how she made contact with Amy’s spirit in the episode; I was drawn to Vicki’s supernatural gifts. I wrote down Vicki’s name and discovered she has her own website.

I sent Vicki an email about my friend Gloria. Much to my amaze, Vicki responded, and gave a lot of clues on her first email and more clues when I had sent pictures of my friend and her family. Immediately, she pointed out who murdered my friend, it was her son, who lived with her.

She also gave clues about the mobile phone pings and that he had help and would try to evade, she also gave motive to the murder. Everything that Vicki provided was given before the case was cracked wide open.

I had promised my friend Gloria that I would pursue this case aggressively, no matter what. I tuly believe, whole heartedly, that watching Psychic Investigators on “Finding Amy” was no accident but a guiding tool to contact Vicki, leading to what really happened to my friend and who was responsible for her death.

Vicki, you are absolutely amazing and you have a heart of gold. It is evident that you are passionate to your work and helping people is your priority to give answers to people who are in despair.

I thank you forever



Psychic Cold Case Investigation Fees

To start, Vicki will conduct a 5-minute consultation for free to determine whether or not she feels she will be able to help in the case.  If she believes she can help, there will be a one-hour charge of $400.00.  In that hour she will work on finding details, clues, and in the end, hopefully help the people in need find the answers they seek.  If she is hired for another hour, the cost will be the same.  If travel and accommodations are required for her to initiate the investigation, rather than just online, a fee will be discussed accordingly.  FMI on this type of case please call (207) 499-1089 or send an email

$400.00 – 60 Minutes

Please read the Psychic Cold Case Investigation Disclaimer below.

Psychic Cold Case Investigation Disclaimer

Psychic cold case investigation is not to be used to replace criminal law enforcement investigations or provide any legal conclusions to any existing criminal case. Psychic cold case investigation is an adjunctive investigation technique that can be used to provide leads and additional investigative direction to families and law enforcement personnel when existing investigative techniques have not provided conclusive evidence in a case.

Psychic cold case investigation can be used to determine potential suspects and locations of missing persons, but it is not admissible in a court of law. All discoveries made as a result of psychic cold case investigation must be validated and confirmed by modern accepted law enforcement practices.

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