Vicki’s Recommendations

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Vicki’s Book Recommendations

Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine

This story was one of Vicki’s first high profile murder cases.

Combining the drama of a true crime story, with the detail of a police procedural, “Finding Amy” chronicles the investigation into one of the most shocking murders in recent Maine history. Twenty-five-year-old Amy St. Laurent was attractive, intelligent, and responsible. One October evening, she went out to show a friend from Florida the exciting nightlife of Portland’s Old Port section. She played pool. She danced. And then, she disappeared.

The police investigation into her murder riveted the state of Maine for months. This inside account of the investigation alternates between Kate Clark Flora’s objective tale of dedicated police work and the dramatic recollections of then-Lieutenant Joseph K. Loughlin, who oversaw the case. From the first call to a Portland detective about a missing woman to the police’s growing certainty that she had been murdered, from the heroic efforts to locate the body to the flight from Maine of their chief suspect, and from the painstaking work of collecting evidence and building a case to the struggles over jurisdictional questions to the twists and turns of the eventual trial, “Finding Amy” is a dramatic story of brutal murder and exemplary police work.


Akashic Who’s Who: Of Psychics, Mediums, Healers and More!

Akashic Who's Who: Of Psychics, Mediums, Healers and More!The art of intuitively accessing information in ways that expand the boundaries of ordinary reality has been called the world’s “second oldest profession.” In some cultures, power and authority are bestowed on those with such special abilities. Recent polls estimate that over 50 percent of the population believes or has an interest in psychic ability and related phenomena. Another 25 percent feel that they have directly experienced psychic phenomena. Now you, too, can learn more about this fascinating subject by exploring: How to select the right psychic for youHow psychic healing worksHow the concepts of free will and the future fit into the prophetic worldWhat the skeptics say In Akashic Who’s Who, author Victoria lynn Weston introduces you to the world’s best psychics, intuitives, mediums, healers and clairvoyants. This practical guide features biographies and intimate interviews with more than 25 top professionals in the prophetic world, as well as several book excerpts from other leading authors. Akashic Who’s Who will take you to a dimension beyond your five senses. Available now on!


The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone: A Four-Legged Approach to Enlightenment by Michael J. ChaseMichael J. Chase

Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Kindness Center

I personally endorsed The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone: A Four-Legged Approach to Enlightenment by Michael J. Chase, and it is now available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold! Be sure to view the book trailer.

“This book brought tears and laughter to my soul, and for all who read it, it will show the sheer pleasure of man’s best friend and the joy they bring to our lives.” – Vicki Monroe

Molly Kite’s Big DreamMolly Kite's Big Dream

Molly Kite’s Big Dream (Law of Attraction for Kids!)

In this colorfully illustrated story Molly Kite dreams of being a potter but doesn’t know anything about forming clay. Watch as she turns her dream into her reality. Adults and kids can learn basic Law of Attraction. Included is a mini-workbook for parents and children to talk about dreaming, doing and having it all!


The Magic of Time

Read Vicki’s endorsement of the new book, by Patricia Joyce!
You can buy her new book through Amazon, or at a bookstore near you!
The Magic of Time by Patricia Grace Joyce


Understanding Spirit, Understanding Yourself

Vicki’s book Understanding Spirit, Understanding YourselfUnderstanding Spirit, Understanding Yourself: A Spiritual Approach To Self-Discovery And Soul-Awareness has sold out for the 5th time since it’s original printing, and is available on!

A story of spiritual and personal growth, friendship, and the power of spirit to transform your life. When cynical skeptic Bob Olson met spirit messenger Vicki Monroe, opposite worlds collided. As a private investigator-turned author, Bob’s disbelieving attitude and stand-offish behavior was the last thing Vicki wanted in her life. After all, she was just beginning to give readings professionally. But, destiny stepped in, helping Vicki to perform one of the best readings she would ever give in her life. Not only did the evidence Vicki delivered turn Bob into a believer, the reading dramatically changed the paths of both people, setting into motion two separate, although overlapping, journeys toward understanding spirit. This book tells a story of spiritual and personal growth, friendship, and the power of spirit to transform your life. The chapters within are like two books in one. Bob’s chapters are educational, teaching you about the experiences, revelations and lessons about life after death that transformed him from cynical skeptic to spiritual knower. Victoria’s chapters are more biographical, sharing with you her extraordinary experiences as a spirit messenger growing up and “coming out” in a skeptical world.


Ich höre, was die Seelen sprechen

Ich höre, was die Seelen sprechenThe German Edition of Vicki’s Story: I Hear What the Souls Speak.

Als Kind lösten ihre Erzählungen über Gespräche mit den Seelen Verstorbener Erschrecken und Verwirrung aus. Vicki Monroe galt als “Spinnerin”, misstrauisch beäugt von ihrer Umgebung – und die kleine Vicki beschloss zu schweigen.

Heute, gilt Vicki Monroe als eine der fähigsten “Seelen-Kommunikatorinnen” in den USA. Wissenschaftler, Zeitungen, TV- und Radiosender reißen sich um sie, der “Who is Who” zählt sie zu den 100 besten Medien der Welt. Denn Monroes Seelen-Botschaften, die sie in den sog. Readings einem neugierig-skeptischen Publikum vorträgt, überzeugen durch eines: Das Wissen der “Stimmen aus dem Jenseits” ist überaus persönlich, präzise bis ins Detail – und rundum nachprüfbar! Monroes Readings, denen kritische Beobachter einen Wahrheitsgehalt von weit über 90% zusprechen, lassen ein oft geschocktes, oft geläutertes Publikum zurück. Ein Reporter der “Portland Press”: “Journalisten sind die größten Skeptiker. Aber man verlässt Vicki Monroe in voller Gewissheit. Selbst wenn nicht erklärbar ist, wie sie wissen kann, was sie weiß.”   Available on!


Vicki’s CD & Video Recommendations

Voices From Heaven CD

Voices From Heaven CDThis CD is a Guided Meditation by Dr. Vicki Monroe & Joseph B. Carringer.

Voices from Heaven is a 65 minute CD with three tracks, one guided and two unguided. The first track is a channeled meditation from Vicki Monroe’s book Voice from Heaven.

It will help guide you to help you connect with past loved ones and/or your spirit guides, it is accompanied by the didgeridoo. Available now on!


The City Psychic (pilot)

Buy your own copy of City Psychic on DVD. The City Psychic pilot was produced for television executives and was the catalyst for showcasing Vicki Monroe’s amazing talent. You can own the original pre-pilot filmed in Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts.

Passers by, construction workers, students, and everyday people meet Vicki on the the streets of Boston and Portland. You will see skeptics, believers, tears and laughter.

Watch 6 randomly selected people as Vicki shocks them with amazing accuracy and insight. This is 20 minutes of compelling television. You will witness the charming Vicki Monroe engage people and conduct readings randomly with shocking results.

Plus $1.00 CC Fee – Includes S&H in the US

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