Dying to be Heard

Dying to be Heard

Part One:

Call them psychics or ghost whisperers. They’re the people who say they can speak with those who have passed on.

Dave Eid spoke with Vicki Monroe, a Maine Spiritual Therapist who says she can speak with the dead. She says she hears the voices of the dead all around her all the time – adding that it does interfere with her sleep.

During the course of shooting with Monroe at a Westbrook cemetary, she even conducted a reading on Chief Photographer Jason Nelson… watch the package to see the results.

Monroe has worked on unsolved murder cases, attempting to provide insights to authorities investigating the cases.


Part Two:

Her name is Vicki Monroe, and she calls herself a spiritual therapist who makes her living as a real-life “ghost whisperer.”

Monroe is taking on a local unsolved murder mystery. Back on June 22nd 2007 at the Woodlawn cemetery in Westbrook, Kevin Foley of Portland was murdered, and to this day its unknown who killed him and why. In her ten years working as a psychic, Monroe has taken on some high profile murder cases, not just here in Maine, but all over the world. Kevin Foleys sister Maureen listens as Monroe tries to figure out what led up to his murder. After only ten minutes of meeting with Maureen, Monroe says she has a clearer picture of what might have happened that tragic night.

But why was Foley murdered? Monroe starts to dig a little further, and goes on to say an unidentified person with ties to New York may also be involved. Of course there are many unanswered questions, but Monroe hopes her information will help bring closure to the Foley family. Now this whole notion of people talking to the dead may seem far fetched or in some cases unbelievable, but Monroe says she has a gift a gift she plans to keep on giving.

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