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Allergy Season is here!

Allergy season is here, but don’t let a stuffy nose and itchy eyes keep you house bound during these warm Spring and Summer months. Nature has remedies for these!

While there are many over the counter remedies for allergies, nature has just as many with fewer side effects. To be effective, begin trying different types at least 6 weeks prior to your seasonal allergy complaints. Here are just a few that might be beneficial. Please note: always seek medical advice before trying anything new. And do not stop taking your medications without seeing your doctor first. These are suggestions and should in no way be taken as medical advice.


You won’t be shocked that garlic is a preferred source for me, I cook with it almost daily. I marry it into almost all of my vegetarian dishes, as well as use it in hot water for oncoming cold and flu. Garlic and the other herbs I will list are useful because of high concentrates of compounds such as quercitin, which is very high in anti- inflammatory. If you have allergies, adding generous amounts of these foods (onions too), to your menu can be beneficial.

Stinging Nettle

This herb has shown promise with nasal congestion, cough, chest congestion, asthma and other respiratory issues.


This lovely little herb has been shown when used as an oil, can be very effective when massaged onto hives and allergic skin reactions. However use caution if you wish to try this in tea form, as anyone with hay fever can have an adverse reaction to this plant. Chamomile is a part of the rag weed plant, and many people are allergic to this. The first time you use Chamomile watch very closely for reactions. And again check with your doctor before using any new medicines.


Many will note that fever few is wonderful at alleviating migraines, but it is also useful in treating allergies. This herb should only be used when others have failed. Pregnant and nursing women should not use fever few as it can cross into an unborn child and a mother’s milk. Again, please not, herbs are medicine. All medications you presently take should never be stopped randomly. And adding anything new to your regime should be done only with the advice of your doctor.

Wishing you all a sneeze free, breathe easy, Spring and Summer. And for any information of herbal use you can always send an email.

Love and light,

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