Dear Vicki,

You don’t know me. I am Tanuja from India and I came across you while watching “Psychic Investigators”. There were other psychics too but don’t know why my heart recognized you. I can’t explain it.

Since my Mother died in November of 2018 I hadn’t seen her in my dream even once, as everyone else did. I so much wanted to see her in my dreams but couldn’t.

Day before yesterday I went to your website and prayed to your pic to help me firstly to see my Mom once again and secondly to help my son aged 17 to help him in concentrating in his studies as he doesn’t want to study at all and is lagging behind.

My first prayer got answered today as I DID dream of my Mother!!! She was at peace and smiling.

I dont know if this was a coincidence but I believe it was you who helped me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My regards,
Stay safe.

Thank you Vicki!

We found you through my cousin Joe and his wife Christine who came to see you on November 10th.

My grandma at that moment was passing away. She came through at that moment during their session. Her name was Gloria. She was like a mother to me, and I am heartbroken. Joe told us that story at her funeral and it gave me an indescribable sense of peace. Thank you for that.

I am so grateful for you and your gift. It gave me the closure I needed to heal from my grief.

Merry Christmas

I had a spectacular phone reading with Vicki Friday afternoon and I just wanted to express my gratitude for what Vicki does. I got what I needed and so much more from the reading!

Vicki was a sweetheart and I know I will be having future sessions with her. She helped to bring me so much peace and closure and I cannot thank her enough for sharing her gift!


I wanted to write a you a quick note to share with you something you shared/said when I had a session with you a couple months ago.

Of all the things that were said and that came thru, the most impactful, shift of perception, that “feels” so true that you said was, “Heaven isn’t up, it’s OUT. It’s like it you could rip a hole in the air….they’re just on the other side.”

While I DON’T know anything for sure, when I herd this, it resonated to the core.

I live by those words ever since and it somehow has changed my experience and perspective of existing…..

Thank you for that.

With much gratitude!

I can’t thank you enough!!!! I would have gladly traded places with my sister… I’m a true believer and I can tell you’re pure in heart…

My sister didn’t have much… I also bought her entire outfit and shirt that had flowers on it… so I remember about mentioning flowers, the balloons you mentioned was for her 48th birthday 1.23.

I’m glad you are accurate and honest, and well worth wait.

Please, since you talk to spirits, let her know life is not the same and how much I love her. Other family members stated I didn’t treat her good and I hope she don’t believe that. I put a beautiful pendant in her coffin.